2018 Taiwan Students’ Impressive Accomplishment from the NSDA China Nationals!

These results were from over 116 HS teams (232 students) and 98 MS teams (196 students). HS students needed to be qualified to attend, meaning won other tournaments.

ADL is so much recognized in China that opponents there both fear and respect our students, but most importantly impressed with our students’ civility and manners. They also called us an “ADL family” because they can see that our kids get along and support one another like a family. 

Scott Wunn, the Director of NSDA was one of the three judges for Kelly/Brandon’s quarter final round, and voted for K/B saying that it was an easy decision for K/B, but the other two lay judges voted for the China team. However, K/B have gained a lot of sympathizing Mainland friends who watched them in the round because it was obvious to them that K/B won.

We thank our coaches for this event – Stefan, Tyler, and Brandon!


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