The Asian Debate League (ADL)  is a speech, debate, and writing institute that trains students from 3rd grade and up. Its goal is to produce competent and competitive contestants for both the Asia and the U.S. speech and debate tournaments such as, but not limited to, NSDATOCStanfordU.C. Berkeley, and Harvard

ADL is also the Member of both Taiwan Speech & Debate Association (TSDA) and the U.S. National Speech & Debate Association (NSDA). This means ADL – as the chapter adviser for various schools it teaches – has the authority to register and add individual students the NSDA membership and enter NSDA points. Read more from here: https://asiandebateleague.com/points/njfl-points/

There is no other activity that stimulates your child’s brain more powerfully than debate! Try it! I guarantee it. 

Jessie Chen, Founder & CEO of Asian Debate League

Why learn to Debate? Because everything in life comes down to your ability to communicate.

Jessie Chen, Founder & CEO of Asian Debate League


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