2023 – 2012 NSDA U.S.

2023: 3-10 & 3-12 TOC Digital Speech and Debate – Series 3

Octofinalists: Angie Chao from (16th speaker) and Amber Deng (12th speaker)

2019-06 Nationals 1

ADL and TAS collaborated together for the selection of 2019 WSD Taiwan team because the applicants were predominately TAS students. As such, the team was also coached by Chase Williams, the head coach of TAS, and as a result achieved great accomplishment at the nationals breaking to the Double Octafinalist honor out of 172 teams. Truly amazing! They make Taiwan proud! Thank you, Chase!

2019-06 Nationals 2

Jay and Jacqueline – as one of the two highest seeds qualified to the International PF Exhibition round – claimed the first place championship! Their win was officially recognized with a plaque, but wasn’t ready, so will be shipped to them later.

We would like to thank Tyler for his high caliber analysis and coaching of the PF topic at home-front! Also special thanks to all the onsite coaches John, Dylan, and Brandon! Your shrewd onsite coaching of Jay and Jacqueline, our only PF team at the nationals made it possible for students of only a few months of debate experience into an international PF champion.

2019-06 Nationals 3

We would like to also recognize Chloe Wang who came one round short of qualifying to breaking to Extemporaneous Debate; nonetheless, she made it deep into the top 10 position. Good job, Chloe!!


Brandon Chen and Kelly Phil broke the record by being the very first international team to break in the most difficult, most prestigious policy debate event. High school policy is extremely challenging because there is no limit to Affirmative topic choice, and because only the winners are allowed to attend. Worldwide, only 3% of debaters who won in their local district, specifically top 2 teams from each of the approximately 200 NSDA districts are permitted to attend the annual NSDA Nationals. This year, approximately 180 policy teams qualified. By winning the 1st place from last April NSDA Taiwan, Brandon/Kelly qualified, and made it to the first break of approximately 60 teams by winning 4 rounds out of 6 preliminary rounds, and advanced to receive 2 more ballots in round 7 and 8 each, which would place them close to top 50 out of 180 teams, representing the top 1% of policy debaters worldwide, certainty not only the very best policy debaters in Taiwan, but even in the U.S.!!

More Policy Pictures in ADL Facebook Album


McKenzie Engen and Darren Fang proved once more that in International division, ADL debaters dominate by easily winning Japan, Korea, and China teams.


Jonathan Hsu, Salina Kuo, and Angela Wang represented Taiwan in one of the NSDA main events, the World School Debate. WSD is difficult because the topic changes every single round. With two preliminary wins, albeit they didn’t break in the main event, they did in the supplementary event called “Extemporaneous Debate.” Jonathan and Salina both broke to the first elimination round!

More PF/WSD pictures in ADL Facebook Album

As a perfect closure, our middle school debaters – Amber Ting and Andrew Tsang made Taiwan #1 by being #1. 


In preliminary rounds, Nathan Sung and Micah Wang were higher seed than Amber/Andrew due to their higher speaker points, testifying how close they could have won first place, and proudly demonstrating their mighty power and potential to win any opponents even in the U.S.  

More Policy Pictures in ADL Facebook Album


Middle School Policy Debate Division

Kevin Cheng (MAT) & Kelly Phil (TAS)

Undefeated in the Preliminary – Seed rank #1

2014, June: 100% of ADL Policy Teams cleared NJFL Preliminary Rounds!

Quarterfinalists in Novice Policy: Allen Huang and Brian Hsiao (TAS)

__ 1

Quarterfinalists in Novice Policy: Jonathan Lin & Jennifer Chiang (MAT)

Octafinalists in Novice Policy: Jonathan Lin & Jennifer Chiang (MAT)

Two Morrison Teams (Faye Shih & Jennifer Chin; Jonathan Lin & Jennifer Chiang) had to debate each other in Octo-Finals, so the higher ranking team (Jonathan and Jennifer) automatically advanced but lost in the Quarter Finals.

2012 NSDA (ADL’s first year)

Jeremy Mindich & Allen Huang – Octofinalists in Policy Debate

Both also won Top 10 Speaker Awards


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