1. Public Speaking I for Beginners (G3-12)

Public Speaking I – Beginners

Public speaking is #1 fear for most people, according to Daniel J. DeNoon, WebMD Health News. In this class, we teach your child to overcome this fear by studying great orators of our time, replicating their speeches in a format called “Declamation.”  Students also learn to write their own introduction for the speech they have chosen. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Learn to use appropriate Eye-Contact
  • Learn to use appropriate Volume.
  • Learn to use appropriate Voice Variation.
  • Learn to use voice to convey meaning of story.
  • Learn to use voice to create character.
  • Learn to use facial expressions to convey meaning .
  • Learn to use facial expressions to create character.
  • Learn to use appropriate gestures.
  • Learn to exhibits self-confidence.
  • Memorize and perform the speech in public.

Class Details:

  • Age Appropriateness For Beginners Class:  2nd – 5th grade
  • Class Duration & Frequency: 2 hours, once a week
  • Payment Policy: Pay in advance and no refund

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