7. MUN Prep (G6-12)

Picture3ADL offers MUN Prep Class!

If you are interested or a member of your school’s MUN program, make sure you take this class to learn or practice the basic skills needed to succeed and do well at Model UN conferences. Taking the class will help you increase your chance of being selected as your school delegates because:

1. The class will begin with a basic introduction of MUN that includes: duties, responsibilities, briefs, motions, committees, basic rules and guidelines to follow.

2. The middle part of the class  will cover the individual skills that are needed to be successful at MUN including: researching, brief writing, basic debate skills, getting things accomplished in committee, public speaking skills and getting resolutions passed.

3. The last part of the class  will simulate, from beginning to end, an actual conference in which you will be able to work on individual skills needed to become the best Model United Nations competitor.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Learn to question premises.
  2. Learn to deduce from logical reasoning.
  3. Learn to infer from examples.
  4. Learn to refute seemingly true statements.
  5. Learn to theorize with logic.
  6. Learn in depth about the given topic.
  7. Learn to research and cut evidence.
  8. Learn to write coherent cases.
  9. Learn to argue in a persuasive manner.
  10. Learn to work in teams and win/lose with grace.
  11. Learn to overcome fears and become confident in speaking and debating in English.
Class Details:
  • Age Appropriateness:  6th grade and up
  • Class Duration & Frequency: 2 hours, once a week
  • Payment Policy: Pay in advance and no refund