2023 – 2016 U.S. Tournament of Champions

Only about 10% of the top debaters in the U.S. are qualified and invited by “bid” to attend.

2019-05 TOC 1

2019-05 TOC 2

TOC middle policy champions, Micah and Ray!!! Second place, Ryan and Mira!!! Yes, the final round was ADL vs ADL!!!

  • Octafinalist Murphy and Chloe!!!
  • Octafinalist Murphy and Chloe!!!
  • Mira 5th Speaker!
  • Micah 8th Speaker!
  • Chloe 9th Speaker!
  • Ray 12th Speaker!

Simply beautiful and speechless!!! What more can I say, ADL rocks!!!  Our only PF team, Jay and Jacqueline, who started debating this semester, also won 3 preliminary rounds in their very first U.S. tournament ever, just 1 round short of breaking!

This kind of success is only possible with the best coaching team at ADL – Tyler, Brennan, Dylan, Kelly, and Brandon! I have said this before, but if it wasn’t for Kelly’s persistence, sacrifice, and leadership, policy debate would have ended in Taiwan with my son Brandon’s graduation, and it is Kelly’s community building efforts that has moved the hearts of not only the people in Taiwan, but even the coaches at the top-tier U.S. universities, and they are eager to recruit her upon her graduation. So, students, no matter how young you are, don’t underestimate the power within you to cultivate and help build a community of future leaders and circle of friends for life if you care and share.

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NSDA TW TOC Bid letter
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Kelly and Andrew were #1 seed in International Division, and Kelly Phil won two speaker awards – Top #1 Speaker and Top #20 Speaker in the Silver division PF.

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Yvette Tseng & Ethan Tai were #4 seed in International Division, and Yvette Tseng won – Top #4 Speaker Award in International Division.

Speaker 1

2018 TOC Complete Results of are here: https://www.tabroom.com/index/tourn/results/event_results.mhtml?tourn_id=8965&result_id=68403

2018 TOC Pictures on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/asiandebateleague/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1669637289785447

100% of ADL policy debaters were awarded at TOC! Both teams (Warren/Amber and Andrew/Micah) won the honor of semi and quarter finalists in the middle school division!! We would like to thank the dream team policy coaches at ADL – Ryan Engen, Tyler Prochazka, Brennan Schartz, Stefan Bauchard, and Dave Arnett for their spectacular coaching!!


Middle school TOC began in 2017. This year (2018) was ADL’s first time to enter in policy debate, and the outstanding accomplishment of Warren and Amber held us spellbound!! 


Aside from being a quarterfinalists, Andrew Tsang and Micah Wang were top preliminary seed – 5:0 – won all 5 rounds!


Aside being a semifinalist, Amber was 6th place policy debate speaker out of 74 debaters! 

  • TOC CHAMPIONS: 1st Place Winner of International Public Forum
  • DEBATE TOPIC: Election Reform
  • SOURCE: Taipei American School News, May 2 2017

Congratulations to Brandon Chen. ’18 and Kelly Phil. ’20 on winning the international bracket at this year’s National Tournament of Champions for Debate (TOC) – 1st Place Winner!

Now in its 46th year, the TOC is one of the oldest and most prestigious debate tournaments in the United States, and serves as one of the activity’s national championship tournaments. It is a forum for Lincoln Douglas, Policy, Public Forum, Congressional debaters and Individual Events competitors.

The event took place at the University of Kentucky from April 29 to May 1. Brandon and Kelly qualified to compete at the tournament by earning “bid” legs based on their performance during the regular debate season. In addition to winning the international bracket, Kelly was also the 2nd place international speaker at the tournament. Congratulations to both students!

2017 TOC Acknowledgements:

It really takes a village to raise up successful kids. Brandon and Kelly couldn’t have won without the help of numerous amazing coaches. We would like to recognize and thank them individually.

  • Julian Gagnon (ADL) has practically raised Kelly and Brandon and taught them the longest since 2012.
  • Mike Girouard (ADL) has taught them since 2015, and he was particularly instrumental in students’ win in 2016 TOC.
  • Stefan Bauschard (Millennial) has recently emerged as a fresh breath of air and a guiding star to Kelly and Brandon.
  • Dr. Nick Coburn-Palo (TAS) has spearheaded the TAS International Public Forum Debate Team and has been coaching Kelly and Brandon at the school.
  • Dr. Adam Nelson (TAS) has long time been the head of TAS Forensics Department and a Chair of NSDA Taiwan until this year. He has guided the students in the debate topic early on.
  • Anthony Berryhill is Nick Coburn’s Yale Student who has later graduated from Stanford and came to TOC to coach Kelly and Brandon on the site.
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Congratulations to Benson Lin & Eric Chang (both grade 8) from Morrison Taichung! They were one of the ADL trained Middle School Teams since grade 5 and was Rank #2 in TOC Middle School Public Forum Debate Preliminary by winning 5 out of 6 rounds.

We would like to recognize and express deep appreciation to three debate coaches who have been training them – Julian Gagnon since they were 5th grade, Mike Girouard since they were 7th grade, and Stefan Bauschard since this semester! Benson and Eric have been receiving training from all three coaches on the TOC topic of Election Reform.

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Speaker 10

We would like to recognize and thank Mike Girouard (ADL) and Julian Gagnon (ADL).

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