NSDA Points: Grades 6-8

NSDA Degrees

  • When ADL students have been taking any one of the ADL classes for more than 6 months, we start issuing NJFL points for them.
  • If you have not been taking ADL classes for 6 months, but you are currently attending one of the debate classes, then you can start to earn NJFL points immediately.
  1. Please download the NJFL Point Record Sheet and fill out your points.
  2. If you are confused, download the sample, and study how it is done.
  3. Give your coach NT$150 for 1 year NJFL membership fees, so he can register for you.
  4. Give ADL administrator NT$100 per 1 page processing fee for recording your points online.
  5. The points can be from any place as long as it is related to speech and debate.
The NJFL points system differs from the high school system in that as soon as a student is entered in the online points database, s/he is considered a “member,” which will assess the school a $5 fee, and provide the student with a membership card, certificate, and subsequent mailing of degree seals.
Following is the structure of degrees of membership, along with the value each contributes to a school’s strength as an NJFL chapter.
Degree of Membership Points Seal Description Chapter Strength Value
Base level of membership (certificate) 0-9 pts. – None – 1
Degree of Participation (first seal) 10 pts. Orange on White 2
Degree of Recognition 50 pts. Yellow on White 3
Degree of Accomplishment 100 pts. Green on White 4
Degree of Achievement 200 pts. Black on Metallic Silver 5
Degree of Outstanding Achievement 400 pts. Metallic Silver on Black 6
Degree of Distinguished Achievement 650 pts. Red on Metallic Silver 7
Degree of Superior Achievement 1000 pts. Blue on Metallic Gold 8
  • Points can be earned from 1) Debate, 2) Speech, and 3) Service.
  • These records will be online permanently for your future references. 
  • Allocation: W(win)=4 points;  L(loss)=2 points;  N/D(no decision)=2 points. 

How Students are Enrolled

The chapter advisor, or other coach users added by the advisor, have the ability to add individual students for NJFL membership. Here’s what happens when a student is added:
  1. The NJFL will email an invoice to the chapter advisor.
  2. On the school profile page of the database, the advisor may click the red stop sign with the exclamation point (next to the school name) to match students’ merit (enrollment) date with the invoice date, to know which students gained membership for a particular invoice. On that same screen, the advisor may pay fees with a credit card.
  3. Approximately a week later, the NJFL will mail membership cards, certificates, and any seals for advanced degrees earned. In the envelope, please read the reverse side of the mailed invoice for important details.
  4. The advisor may not add points until the NJFL receives all fees due.
  5. After 60 days, unpaid invoices are assessed a $60 late fee.

How Points Are Recorded

In the spirit of keeping it simple, the new National Junior Forensic League point menu is the same as non-main National Forensic League events at the high school level. A student competing at a tournament receives points for every round of competition according to the following scale (and coaches do not need to calculate the points themselves; the points database does so, automatically):

Events (Ranks)
Congress (Points) Debate Events (Wins/Losses)
First place:Second place:

Third place:

Fourth place:

Fifth place and beyond:






Up to 5 points
per speech, daily limit of 20 points.

No Decision:



While competition rounds earn students more points, NJFL also stays true to its roots, encouraging involvement beyond interscholastic participation. Here is the scale for such speaking engagements, recorded in the “Service” area.

Classroom Presentations Community Speaking
One (1) point per presentation, up to two may be recorded in a day. Minimum presentation length is three minutes. Two (2) points per speaking engagement, up to two may be recorded in a day. Minimum presentation length is four minutes.

Conversion to High School Points

When a student completes the eighth grade, s/he can transfer one-tenth of their NJFL points to National Forensic League high school points, up to 150 NJFL points or 15 National Forensic League points.

How do I apply this on a college application?

You can list NFL points as one of your extracurricular accomplishments. When you begin your 9th grade in high school, your 150 NJFL points or 15 transferred NFL points will be your starting point of accumulation for high school. In your senior year in high school, you can include your total accumulated NFL points on your college application.

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