2018-09-23 ADL Tournament Winners Are: Mira Baba & Sehwan Park (NCX); Nick Hsu & Joy Taw (NPF); Ariel Ting & Sophie Hsu (SD)!

Novice Policy Topic: Immigration

Champion: 1st Place Team

Mira Baba & Sehwan Park (TAS)


Finalist: 2nd Place Team

Jonathan Hsu (TAS)


Novice Policy Top 5 Speakers:

  1. Mira Baba
  2. Sehwan Park
  3. Jonathan Hsu
  4. Ray Wang
  5. Chloe Wang


Novice PF Debate: Taiwan Arms Sales

Champion: 1st Place Team

Nick Hsu & Joy Taw (TAS)


Finalist: 2nd Place Team

Judy Yen & Isabella Lin (TAS)


Semi-Finalists: 3rd Place Teams

 Jackie Yeh & Murphy Chuang (DIS/KCI)

Takeshi Misaki & Noah Huang (TAS)



Novice PF Debate Top 10 Speakers:

  1. Noah Huang
  2. Joy Taw
  3. Murphy Chuang
  4. Isabella Lin
  5. Judy Yen
  6. Nick Hsu
  7. Ryan Bu
  8. Usho Watanabe
  9. Frederick Wu
  10. Daniel Yoon


Novice Smart Debate: Taiwan Arms Sales

Champion: 1st Place Team

Ariel Ting & Sophie Hsu (TAS)


Finalist: 2nd Place Team

Emma Chuo & Kara Chao (TES/KCI)


Finalist: 3rd Place Team

Andrew Yang & Ryan Zheng (FPS)


Smart Debate Top 5 Speakers:

  1. Emma Chuo
  2. Ariel Ting
  3. Kara Chao
  4. Sophie Hsu
  5. Anderson Chao


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Winners Recognized on ADL Facebook

See Complete Results in the Tabroom

Author: Jessie Chen

I am a former high school English teacher in the U.S. I am intrigued by all things worthy of my mental faculty.

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