2018 ADL Summer PF Camp Tournament Results

Topic: Universal Basic Income

July 27 Advance PF Winners

Champion: 1st Place Team

Charlotte Chen & Spencer Chang (ALT/TAS)

APF Champions

Finalist: 2nd Place Team

Ethan Cheng (TAS)


Semi-Finalists: 3rd Place Teams

Alva Tang & Judy Yen  (TAS)

Maggie Chen & Janise Chiang (ALT/TAS)


7/27 Novice PF Winners

Champion: 1st Place Team

Mir Yeh & Ryan Chen (ALT)

NPF Champions

Semi-Finalist: 2nd Place Team

Charlie Wang (KCI)

NPF Finalist

Semi-Finalists: 3rd Place Teams

Austin Tsai  & Joey Wang & (MAT/ALT)

Jayden Song & Collin Lu (TAS/ALT)

July 20 Advance PF Winners

Champion: 1st Place Team

Janise Chiang & Judy Yen (TAS)

0720 CAMP TOURNAMENT_180727_0001

Semi-Finalist: 2nd Place Team

Valerie Huang & Rebecca Chang (Wego)

0720 CAMP TOURNAMENT_180727_0002

Semi-Finalists: 3rd Place Teams

Sehwan Park & Alva Tang (TAS)

Jackie Yeh & Audrey Leu (DIS/TAS)

7/27 Advance PF 10 Speakers:

7/27 Novice PF Top 10 Speakers

  1. Charlie Wang
  2. Mir Yeh
  3. Owen Chen
  4. Joey Wang
  5. Jayden Song
  6. Ryan Chen
  7. Ellie Song
  8. Austin Tsai
  9. Annabelle Lin
  10. Jeannie Yu


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