2015-08 NSDA-Japan: Andre Hsu & Bill Cheng (IBST) Awarded Octofinalists!

Andre Hsu G9 IBST & Bill Cheng G10 IBST: Top 16 Octofinalists, 3-1 in prelims and lost in the octafinals.

William Wu G9 TAS & Brian Tseng G8 Fuhsing: Rank #28 out of 76 teams, 2-2 in prelims and missed breaking on speaker points.

The tournament was held on July 26 – 27, 2015 at Tokyo, Japan. They were coached exclusively and extensively by ADL coaches. Coach Julian Gagnon missed the flight to Japan, but Mike Girouard flew with them to Japan to provide continued, onsite coaching.




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  1. What is 3-1 , 2-2 prelims? Thank you

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