2015-05-16,17 ADL Debate Championship Results & Pictures – Middle & High School Division

2015 ADL Annual Debate Championship Results

Winners Recognized on ADL Facebook

Participated Schools:

  1. IBST – International Bilingual School at Tainan
  2. DIS – Dominican International School
  3. FBS – Fuhsing Private School
  4. KCBS – Kang Chiao Bilingual School
  5. MAK – Morrison Academy Kaohsiung
  6. MAT – Morrison Academy Taichung
  7. TAS – Taipei American School
  8. TES – Taipei European School

Lincoln Douglas – Speaker Awards

  1. IBST Kelly Chen
  2. IBST Audrey Chen Li
  3. IBST Stephanie Chen
  4. TAS Stanford Chuang

LD Finals 

  • Champion –  IBST Audrey Chen Li
  • 2nd Place  – IBST Kelly Chen

(Aff) IBST Li v (Neg) IBST K Chen
* 3-0 Aff-> IBST Li
Judges: Folden, Girouard, Homberg

Middle School Public Forum – Speaker Awards

  1. KCBC Joy Chou
  2. MAT Sharon Lin
  3. KCBC Sonia Yang
  4. MAT Eric Chang

Middle School Public Forum – Semi-Finals

  • 3rd Place  –  MAK Joseph Hsu & Ray Yang
  • 3rd Place  –  MAT Aaron Kuo & Sharon Lin

(Pro) MAT Kuo/Lin vs. (Con) IBST Campbell/Lin
* 1-0 Con-> IBST Campbell/Lin
Judge: Coburn-Palo, Nick

KC Sonia/Joy vs. MAK Joseph/Ray
* 1-0 KC Sonia/Joy
Judge: Thompson, Gavin

Middle School Public Forum – Finals

  • Champion –  KC Sonia Yang & Joy Chou
  • 2nd Place  –  IBST Nicole Campbell & Fiona Lin

(Pro) KC Sonia/Joy vs. (Con) IBST Campbell/Lin
* 2-1 Pro-> KC Sonia/Joy
Judges: Gagnon, Girouard, *Homberg

High School Public Forum – Speaker Awards

  1. IBST Emily Wei
  2. IBST Azim Butt
  3. IBST Andrew Chen
  4. IBST Bill Cheng

High School Public Forum – Finals

  • Champion –  IBST Azim Butt & Andre Hsu
  • 2nd Place – IBST Emily Wei & Emily Lin

(Pro) IBST Wei/Lin vs. (Con) IBST Butt/Hsu
* 3-0 Con-> IBST Butt/Hsu

Middle School Policy- Speaker Awards

  1. TES James Pan
  2. TAS Kelly Phil
  3. MAT Jennifer Chiang
  4. DIS Ginny Hwang

Middle School Policy – Finals

  • Champion – MAT/TES Jennifer Chiang & James Pan
  • 2nd Place – DIS/TAS Ginny Hwang & Kelly Phil

(Aff) MAT/TES Chiang/Pan vs. (Neg) DIS/TAS Hwang/Phil
* 3-0 Aff-> MAT/TES Chiang/Pan
Judges: Coburn-Palo, Craven, Thompson

High School Policy – Speaker Awards

  1. TAS Theodora Tang
  2. IBST Christopher Chen
  3. TAS Brandon Chen
  4. IBST Karim Butt

High School Policy – Finals

  • Champion – TAS Brandon Chen & Theodora Tang
  • 2nd Place – TAS Brian Hsiao & Allen Huang

(Aff) TAS Chen/Tang vs. (Neg) TAS Hsiao/Huang
* 3-0 Aff-> TAS Chen/Tang
Judges: Coburn-Palo, Craven, Thompson

                        Held at IBST Campus in Tainan

Author: Jessie Chen

I am a former high school English teacher in the U.S. I am intrigued by all things worthy of my mental faculty.

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