2015-09-18 Yilan Policy Camp

To begin the start of the 2015-2016 Debate season, ADL has organized the Policy Debate Camp at Yilan.  Modeled off college debate teams’ start of the year prep, this camp was designed to replace what would normally be covered in the first month of classes to provide an opportunity for team-building activities, and serve as our introduction to the 2016 surveillance topic.  This weekend camp was indeed very productive in that a) its lectures by three ADL coaches (Gavin Thompson, Mike Girouard, Julian Gagnon) covered all of the arguments produced by the various 2015 U.S. college summer debate camps, b) students in groups brainstormed and organized files from major areas of the new topic, and d) students received valuable and individualized comments from each practice round.

ADL hopes to do this again next year (before school starts) at a different location and time. If you have missed this one, hope you can join us next year.


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