2016-11-20 NSDA Korea Invitational Impressive Results of ADL Students!

Elementary School Best Debate Teams:

  • 1st Place – Warren Huang/Ray Wang
  • 6th Place – Tyler Liu/Micah Wang
  • 10th Place – Justin Wang/Jonathan Pan

Elementary School Best Speakers:

  • 5th Place – Tyler Liu

Middle School Best Debate Teams:

  • 6th Place – Oia Eng/Josephine Chen (Octo-Finalist)
  • 11th Place – Mitchell Lee/Aaron Kuo
  • 12th Place – Benson Lin/Eric Chang
  • 14th Place – Matthew Lee/William Tsai

Middle School Best Speakers:

  • 8th Place – Oia Eng

High School Best Debate Teams:

  • 2nd Place – Brandon Chen/Kelly Phil
  • 3rd Place – Yasmin Lin/Kristina Yang
  • 4th Place – Allen Huang/Kevin Cheng
  • 6th Place – Ginny Huang/Brian Hsiao

High School Best Speakers:

  • 2nd Place – Allen Huang
  • 3rd Place – Yasmin Lin
  • 4th Place – Kristina yang
  • 5th Place – Ginny Hwang
  • 6th Place – Kevin Cheng
  • 7th Place – Kelly Phil
  • 8th Place – Tiger Peng











Author: Jessie Chen

I am a former high school English teacher in the U.S. I am intrigued by all things worthy of my mental faculty.

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