2017-02-19 Smart Debate Winners Are: Stephen Chiang & Frederick Wu!

Topic: Animal Experimentation

First Place Team!

Stephen Chiang & Frederick Wu (KCBS)


– Second Place Team!

Katlyn Dong (TAS) & Peter Yang (大直國小)


Third Place Teams!

Sean Hu & Keelan Tseng (KCBS)

Debora Chun & David Chung (TES) 



Fourth Place Teams!

Mia Yang, Mia Weng, Joanna Chen (TES)


Brendan Wang & Sehwan Park (TAS)


Matt Chen & Bryan Liu (TAS)


Chelsea Dennis, Sean Lee, Elena Duran (TES)


Top Ten Speakers!

  1. Usho Watanabe (113 prelim points)
  2. Andrew Chou (111 prelim points)
  3. Phoebe Lin (109 prelim points)
  4. Bryan Liu (60 prelim points)
  5. Matt Chen (59 prelim points)
  6. Mia Weng (58 prelim points)
  7. Chelsea Dennis, Peter Yang, Elizabeth Cheng, Theodore Tsai (57.5 prelim points)
  8. Sehwan Park, Mia Yang (57 prelim points)
  9. Sean Lee, Elena Duran, Debora Chun, Frederick Wu (56.5 prelim points)
  10. Katlyn Dong, Emily Lai, Cherryann Yang (56 prelim points)

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Author: Jessie Chen

I am a former high school English teacher in the U.S. I am intrigued by all things worthy of my mental faculty.

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