2017 NSDA Taiwan Results!

High School participants:

  1. SAS=Singapore American School
  2. TAS=Taipei American School (confirmed, but minimal participation;  do not wish to go to the US Nationals, but will allow students to participate)
  3. DIS=Dominican Bilingual School
  4. DDCT=Da Der Commercial and Technical Vocational 彰化縣私立達德商工 
  5. IBSH=International Bilingual School – Hsinchu
  6. IBST=International Bilingual School – Tainan
  7. MAT=Morrison Taichung 
  8. PAS=Pacific American School 
  9. SMGH=Stella Matutina Girls’ High School  in Taichung 台中市曉明女中 
  10. TBS=Taichung Bilingual School (confirmed, paid, submitted entries)
  11. TMCH=Taipei Municipal Chenggong High School 立成功高級中學

Middle & Elementary School Participants:

  1. AAIA=Asia American International Academy
  2. TAS=Taipei American School
  3. TES=Taipei European School
  4. IBST=International Bilingual School – Tainan
  5. MAT=Morrison Taichung
  6. DMS=Dongshan Middle School, 私立東山高中
  7. FPS=Fuhsing Private School 復興實驗高級中學
  8. HSNTNU=The Affiliated Senior High School of National Taiwan Normal University
  9. KCBS=Kang Chiao Bilingual School . 康橋雙語學校
  10. KMCS=Kaohsiung Municipal Cianjhen Senior High School 高雄市立前鎮高中
  11. OLPGH=Our Lady Of Providence Girls’ High School
  12. TMDS=Taipei Municipal Dazhi School 大直高級小學
  13. TJH=Tianmu Junior High School 天母國中

High School Division Winners

High School Division Pictures

Original Oratory:

  • Gold Medalist – IBSH G7 Marvin Yen
  • Silver Mealist – IBSH G10 Dana Chiueh
  • Bronze Medalist – MAT G8 Matthew Lee/ IBSH G10 Ethan Wang
  • Qualified to US NSDA – IBSH G10 Dana Chiueh
  • Qualified to US NSDA – IBSH G10 Ethan Wang (can’t go)
  • Alternate to US NSDA – DDCT G10 Chain-Yi  Wu 吳芊誼 (might go)

LD Debate:

  • Champion (1st) – SAS G9 Harish Koneru
  • Finalist (2nd) – IBSH G11 Joshua Liu
  • Semi Finalist (3rd) – PAS G10 Salina Kuo
  • Semi Finalist (3rd) – DIS G10 Ginny Hwang
  • Top Speakers – Listed in the Preliminary Results below
  • Qualified to US NSDA – IBSH G11 Joshua Liu
  • Qualified to US NSDA – PAS G10 Salina Kuo (can’t go)
  • Alternate to US NSDA – DIS G10 Ginny Hwang (will go)

LD Speaker Rank & Awards:

  1. SAS G9 Harish Koneru
  2. IBSH G11 Derrick Chang,
  3. IBSH Claire Fang
  4. PAS Salina Kuo
  5. DIS Ginny Hwang
  6. IBSH G11 Joshua Liu
  7. SAS Arthava Naik
  8. TBS Benjamin Chou
  9. PAS Bryan Ying
  10. TAS Chi-Wei Peng

PF Debate:

  • Champion (1st) – TAS G9 Kelly Phil/ G11 Brandon Chen
  • Finalist (2nd) – TAS G11 Eliot Wang/ G11 Gene Chou
  • Semi Finalist (3rd) – TAS G9 Yasmin Lin/ G11 Brian Hsiao
  • Semi Finalist (3rd) – TAS G11 Allen Huang/ G11 Shuhei Omi
  • 4th Place – TAS G9 Alyssa Shin/ G9 Jessica Chen
  • 4th Place – IBST G10 Iris Lu/ G11 Christopher Chen
  • Qualified to US NSDA – IBST G10 Iris Lu/ G11 Christopher Chen (will go)
  • Qualified to US NSDA – IBSH G10 Victor Su/ G11 Andrew Wang (can’t go)
  • Alternate to US NSDA – IBST G9 Cheng-Yeh Wu (Ryan)/ G9 Joseph Chen (might go)

PF Speaker Rank & Awards:

  1. TAS Kelly Phil
  2. TAS Brandon Chen
  3. IBSH Crystal Chen
  4. IBST Iris Lu
  5. TAS Allen Huang
  6. IBSH Ansen Zhi-Han Lai/ IBSH Claire Kuo
  7. TAS Shuhei Omi/ IBSH Victor Su/ IBSH Alex Ku
  8. IBSH Andrew Wang/ TAS Eliot Wang
  9. TAS Yasmin Lin
  10. TAS Brian Hsiao/ TAS Gene Chou

Policy Debate:

  • Champion (1st) – PAS G12 Sean Hu/ G12 Sean Fen
  • Finalist (2nd) – MAT G9 Kevin Cheng/ G11 Kevin Chuang
  • Semi Finalist (3rd) – IBST G9 Eric Wang/ G9 Ke-Chien Chen (Celine)
  • Semi Finalist (3rd) – IBST G6 Callum Reay Mackay/ G6 Daniel Wilson Lin
  • Qualified to US NSDA – PAS G12 Sean Hu/ G12 Sean Fen (cannot go to US)
  • Qualified to US NSDA – MAT G9 Chien-Jen (Kevin) Cheng/ G11 Kai-Chieh (Kevin) Chuang
  • Alternate to US NSDA – IBST G9 Eric Wang/ G9 Ke-Chien Chen (Celine)

Policy Speaker Rank & Awards:

  1. MAT Chien-Jen Cheng
  2. PAS Sean Fen
  3. MAT Kai-Chieh Chuang
  4. IBST Eric Wang
  5. PAS Sean Hu
  6. IBST Daniel Wilson Lin
  7. IBSH Allen Wu
  8. IBST Liu Chih-Hsien
  9. IBST Si-Wai Chiu
  10. IBSH Allison Ku

World Schools Debate Qualified Students: They are going to Alabama.

  • TAS G9 PF – Kelly Phil (Debate rank 1; Speaker points 145.9)
  • TAS G11 PF – Brandon Chen (Debate rank 1; Speaker points 145)
  • TAS G11 PF – Eliot Wang (Debate rank 2; Speaker points 134)
  • TAS G11 PF – Gene Chou (Debate rank 2; Speaker points 129.5)
  • IBSH G11 PF – Ansen Zhi-Han Lai (Debate rank 8; Speaker points 137.5)

Middle School Division Winners

Middle School Division Pictures

LD Debate: 

  • Champion (1st) – IBST G8 Si-Un Chiu (Frank)
  • Finalist (2nd) – IBST G6 Srinivasan Arunmolhi Kaarthik
  • Finalist (2nd) – KCBS G8 Jenny Kuo
  • Semi Finalist (3rd) – TES G8 Prince Dennis
  • Qualified to US NSDA – Every middle school students can go to the US NSDA  in June, if the partner is from the same school.

LD Speaker Rank & Awards:

  1. TES Prince Dennis
  2. IBST Si-Un Chiu
  3. KCBS Jenny Kuo
  4. IBST Yuri Mao
  5. FPS Katherine Liu
  6. IBST Srinivasan Kaarthik
  7. KSS Curtis Wu
  8. IBST Chung-Yen Fann

PF Debate:  

  • Champion (1st) – TAS G8 Kristina Yang/ G8 Oia Eng
  • Finalist (2nd) – IBST G8 Lenno Streiter/ G8 Ian Chang
  • Semi Finalist (3rd) – MAT G8 Eric Chang/ G8 Benson Lin
  • Semi Finalist (3rd) – FPS G7 Ethan Tai/ G7 Andrew Ching Chung Tsang
  • Quarter Finalist (4th) – HSNTNU G7 Yvette Tseng/ KCBS G7 Fiona Kao
  • Quarter Finalist (4th) – TAS G6 Micah Wang/ G6 Tyler Liu
  • Quarter Finalist (4th) – IBST G8 Chia-Yin Lin/ G8 Cynthia Chen
  • Quarter Finalist (4th) – KCBS G7 Wilson Chen/ G7 Jack Chiang
  • Octo Finalist (5th) – KC G8 Sean Chen/ G8 Aaron Soong
  • Octo Finalist (5th) – AAIA G8 Jamie Beach/ G8 Charlotte Kho
  • Octo Finalist (5th) – OLPGH G7 Cynthia Lin/ KCBS G7 Eudora Chi
  • Octo Finalist (5th) – MAT G7 Emily Huang/ G8 Aaron Kuo
  • Octo Finalist (5th) – KC G8 Heidi Huang/ G8 James Chang
  • Octo Finalist (5th) – KCBS G7 Calvin Chao/ G7 Yvonne Kuo
  • Octo Finalist (5th) – TAS G6 Justin Wang/ G6 Jonathan Pan
  • Octo Finalist (5th) – TAS G6 Ray Wang/ G6 Warren Huang
  • Qualified to US NSDA – Every middle school students can go to the US NSDA  in June, if the partner is from the same school.-

PF Speaker Rank & Awards:

  1. TAS Kristina Yang
  2. HSNTNU Yvette Tseng
  3. MAT Benson Lin
  4. TAS Oia Eng
  5. TAS Tyler Liu
  6. KCBS Fiona Kao/ TAS Micah Wang/ KCBS Yvonne Kuo/ IBST Ian Chang
  7. IBST Lenno Streiter/ MAT Eric Chang
  8. MAT Aaron Kuo/ KCBS Augustine Langlet/ TAS Justin Wang/ KCBS Calvin Chao
  9. MAT Emily Huang
  10. AAIA Charlotte Kho

Elementary Division Winners

Elementary Division Pictures

G4-6 Smart Debate:  

  • Champion (1st) – KCBS G5 Frederick Pan/ G5 Dean Chen
  • Finalist (2nd) – TES G4 Sean Lee / G4 Mia Yang
  • Semi Finalist (3rd) – TAS G4 Usho Watanabe/ TMDS G6 Peter Yang
  • Semi Finalist (3rd) – KC G6 Phewa Chou/  G6 Stephanie Su
  • Semi Finalist (3rd) – KC G6 Cuby Wang/  G6 Leo Chang
  • 4th Place Team – TAS G5 Janise Chiang / G5 Kaitlyn Dong
  • 4th Place Team – KC G6 Cherryann Yang/ G6 Patty Liu
  • 4th Place Team – KC G6 Lydia Yang/ G6 Emily Lai
  • 4th Place Team – KC G6 Leo Chang/ G6 Cuby Wang
  • Top Speakers – Listed in the Preliminary Results below

G4-6 Smart Debate Top Speaker Rank & Awards:  

  1. TAS Brendan Wang/ TAS Sehwan Park
  2. KCBS Stephanie Su
  3. LO Peter Yang
  4. TAS Usho Watanabe
  5. KCBS Steven Kuo
  6. KCBS Phoebe Lin/ KCBS Phewa Chou/ TAS Kaitlyn Dong
  7. TES Chelsea Dennis/ KCBS Emily Lai
  8. KCBS Elizabeth Cheng
  9. TAS Janis Chiang/ KCBS Frederick Pan/ KCBS Will Wang/ KCBS Celeste Lan
  10. KCBS Cherryann Yang

G3-5 Impromptu: 

  • Gold Medalist – TES G4 Chelsea Dennis
  • Silver Mealist – KC G5 Elizabeth Cheng
  • Bronze Medalist – TAS G4 Chloe Wang/ FPS G3 Edward Lu

G3-5 Original Oratory: 

  • Gold Medalist – TES G4 David Chung
  • Silver Mealist – FPS G3 Charlotte Yu/ KC G5 Ivy Tsai
  • Bronze Medalist – TES G3 Ethan Chen/ TES G4 Elena Duran/ TES G3 Victor Yang/ TES G3 Elaine Wang

G3 Story Telling: 

  • Gold Medalist – FPS G3 Chloe Chen
  • Silver Mealist – FPS G3 Kyle Chiu/ TES G3 Annabelle Huang/
  • Bronze Medalist – FPS G3 Valerie Huang/ FPS G3 Ryan Zheng/ FPS G3 Edward Lu

G4-5 Story Telling: 

  • Gold Medalist – KC G4 Kara Chao
  • Silver Mealist – TES G4 Carol Hung/ TES G4 David Chung
  • Bronze Medalist – TES G4 Elena Duran/ TAS G4 Chloe Wang/ KC G4 Colby Tseng/ KC G4 Jonathan Lo


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