2019-09-22 ADL Tournament Winners are Ryan Bu & Alva Tang (NCX); Ashley & Ariel Ting (NPF); Matthew Wang & Aiden Shen (SD)!

Novice Policy Debate

Topic: US Arms Sales


Champion: 1st Place Team

Ryan Bu & Alva Tang (TAS)

Special appreciation to Ryan & Mira and Adam & Ray  for splitting up as partners to mentor newbies Alva, Jackie, and Jeffrey in short notice! Special recognition for Ray for his tireless efforts in sharing debate with his friends and courageously going  maverick in short notice! 

Finalist: 2nd Place Team

Mira Baba & Jackie Yeh (TAS)

Semi-Finalist: 3rd Tier Teams

Janise Chiang & Miria Chung (TAS)

Adam Lin & Jeffrey Yu (TAS)

Quarter-Finalist: 4th Tier Teams

Ray Wang (TAS)

Usho Watanabe & Audrey Leu (TAS)

Judy Yen & Noah Huang (TAS)

Jay Chu & Jacqueline Chu (TES)

Novice Policy Debate Top 10 Speakers:

  1. Ryan Bu
  2. Jay Chu
  3. Jacqueline Chu
  4. Alva Tang
  5. Ray Wang
  6. Noah Huang
  7. Judy Yen
  8. Mira Baba
  9. Janise Chiang
  10. Usho Watanabe

Novice PF Debate

Topic: Belt & Road Initiative


Champion: 1st Place Team

Ashley Ting & Ariel Ting (TAS)

Finalist: 2nd Place Team

Sophie Hsu & Trevor Wu (TAS)

Semi-Finalist: 3rd Tier Teams

Addison Wang & Anderson Chao (FPS)

Emma Chuo & Kara Chao (KCI,TES)

Quarter-Finalist: 4th Tier Teams

Coco Kuo & Vicky Chiang (KCI)

Brian Huang & I-Jun Yen (KCI)

Arial Wang  (TES)

Patrick Chao & Kevin Chan (TES)


Novice PF Debate Top 10 Speakers:

  1. Ashley Ting
  2. Sophie Hsu
  3. Ariel Ting
  4. Trevor Wu
  5. I-Jun Yen
  6. Brian Huang
  7. Arial Wang
  8. Emma Chuo
  9. Kara Chao
  10. Anderson Chao

Smart Debate

Topic: Belt & Road Initiative


Champion: 1st Place Team

Matthew Wang & Aiden Shen (TAS)

Finalist: 2nd Place Team

Scarlett Tsai & Elizabeth Wong (TAS)

Semi Finalist: 3rd Tier Teams

Jolienne Chung & Sarah Maeng (TAS)

Angie Chao, Yiwen, Yiwen Fang, & Ann Chou (FPS)

Quarter Finalists: 4th Tier Teams

Junwoo Kang & Anthony Kuo (TAS)

Aidan Lee & Aiden Tsai (TAS)

Joshuo Ho & Winnie Tsao (DIS)

Victor Chen & Lion Song (ALT)

Smart Debate Top 10 Speakers:

  1. Scarlett Tsai
  2. Elizabeth Wong
  3. Jolienne Chung
  4. Sarah Maeng
  5. Aiden Shen
  6. Matthew Wang
  7. Anthony Kuo
  8. Junwoo Kang
  9. Angie Chao
  10. Yiwen Fang


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