2018-06-03 Novice PF Tournament Winners Are: Sehwan Park & Noah Huang (TAS)!

Topic: Immigration – H1 Visa

AM Flight Winners

Champion: 1st Place Team

Sehwan Park & Noah Huang (TAS)


Finalist: 2nd Place Team

Mira Baba & Janise Chiang (TAS)


Semi-Finalists: 3rd Place Teams

 Sienna Chien & Frederic Wu (KSS/KCI)

Daniel Yao & Usho Watanabe (TES/TAS)

3-2-pf-tourname_180603_0040-e1528031239521.jpg3.1 PF Tourname_180603_0036


Top 10 Speakers:

  1. Mira Baba
  2. Usho Watanabe
  3. Sehwan Park
  4. Janise Chiang
  5. Noah Huang
  6. Sienna Chien
  7. Daniel Yao
  8. Frederic Wu
  9. Joyce Lin
  10. Amber Tseng



More Pictures in ADL Facebook Album

Winners Recognized on ADL Facebook

See Complete Results in the Tabroom

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