2018-02-03 TOC-중국에서 ADL 학생들의 훌륭한 성과!

This was the MOST COMPETITIVE tournament in Asia, as the results reflect the top 1% of debaters in China who were qualified to attend the TOC. There were 113 teams (226 students), and ADL’s highest seed (rank in the prelim) were:

  1. Brandon Chen/Kelly Phil (5:1),
  2. Yvette Tseng/ Ethan Tai (4:2), and
  3. Keven Cheng/ James Pan (4:2).

Yvette Tseng and Ethan Tai received additional speaker awards of 7th place and 21st place, respectively!

TOC China Award 1TOC China Award 2TOC China Award 3TOC China Award 4


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