2017-05-20 ADL Students’ Impressive Accomplishments from NSDA China!

All ADL Students were awarded:

Brent Lin & Yasmin Lin – Novice Champions
Brandon Chen & Kelly Phil – Quarter finalists
Allen Huang & Brian Hsiao – Octafinalists
Kelly Phil – Top 10 Speaker
Allen Huang, Brian Hsiao, Yasmin Lin – Top 20 Speakers

China NSDA Records Link:

1234520170520_7.220170520_32 - Copy20170520_43DSC_6910DSC_6912.620170520_170522_014620170520_170522_012720170520_170522_013220170520_170522_013820170520_170522_0141DSC_6838DSC_6916.4DSC_6916.2120170520_123747 - CopyDSC_6866DSC_6892.10DSC_6892.8DSC_6892.15

More pictures on ADL Facebook:

Results posted in China NSDA Newsetter:

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