2011-11-11 TDA 1 TDA 첫번쩨 SD 대회 우승자: Haeun Cho & Yvonne Hao, coached by Shirley Chiang

Champions: Haeun Cho & Yvonne Hao

Finalists: Jeremy Mindich & Brandon Chen

Resolution: Students are the end consumer of education. Therefore, in private schools such as TAS, students should be making the ultimate decision as to from which teacher they want to learn from.

Girl’s Preliminary Rounds: 1:00 – 2:30 PM

Team A: Pro  

Lauren (1st speaker)
Christy (2nd speaker)
 vs 12:35 – 01: 10

Judge: James Li
Team B: Con  

Yvonne (1st speaker)
Haeun (2nd speaker)
Team A: Con  

Christy (1st  speaker)
Lauren (2nd speaker)
 vs   01:15 – 01:50

Judge: Jeffrey Mindich
Team C: Pro  

Elsa (1st speaker) Theodora (2nd speaker)
Team B: Pro  

Haeun (1st speaker) Yvonne (2nd speaker)
 vs 01:55 – 2:30

Judge: Frank Suen & Nora Su
Team C: Con  

Theodora (1st speaker) Elsa (2nd speaker)

Boy’s Preliminary Rounds: 1:00 – 2:30 PM

Team A: Pro  

Ethan (1st speaker)
Ryan (2nd speaker)
 vs 12:35 – 01: 10

Judge: Shannon Lee
Team B: Con  

Jeremy (1st speaker)
Brandon (2nd speaker)
Team A: Con  

Ryan (1st  speaker)
Ethan (2nd speaker)
 vs 01:15 – 01:50

Judge: Shirley Chiang
Team C: Pro  

Allen (1st speaker)
Andrew (2nd speaker)
Team B: Pro  

Brandon (1st speaker)
Jeremy (2nd speaker)
vs 01:55 – 2:30

Judge: Penny Chou
Team C: Con  

Andrew (1st speaker)
Allen (2nd speaker)

Girls   vs    Boys  Final  Round: 2:30 – 3:05

Girl’s Winning Team Flip Coin to decide Pro/Convs Need 2 or more judges who are not parents of the contestants. Boy’s Winning Team Flip Coin to decide Pro/Con

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