2017-11-12 Smart Debate Winners Are: TAS Sehwan Park/ Noah Huang & KC Esther Tsai/ Annabel Yang!!

Advance Smart Debate

Topic: South Korea Missile Defense

First Place Team!

Noah Huang & Sehwan Park (TAS)

1112 tournament_171113_0068

Second Place Team!

Chelsea Dennis & Mia Yang (TES)

1112 tournament_171113_0051

Third Place Teams!

 Kaitlyn Dong (TAS)

1112 tournament_171113_0087.jpg

Brandon Lin (TES)

1112 tournament_171113_0063

Novice Smart Debate

Topic: Students Should Choose Teachers

First Place Team!

Esther Tsai & Annabel Yang (KC)

1112 tournament_171113_0052

Second Place Team!

Anthony Eastwood & Alva Tang (TAS)

1112 tournament_171113_0085

Third Place Teams!

 Judy Tsai & Ivy Tsai (KC)

1112 tournament_171113_0065


Chloe Wang & Angelina Huang (TAS)

1112 tournament_171113_0021

Fourth Place Teams!

Aaron Wu & Marcus Hsu (TAS)


Eric Lee & Jonathan Lo (KC)

1112 tournament_171113_0028

Chloe Lan & Mia Weng (TAS)

1112 tournament_171113_0027

Amy Pan & Zoey Tai (KC)



Advance Top Speakers: 

  1. Kaitlyn Dong
  2. Noah Huang
  3. Sehwan Park
  4. Mia Yang
  5. Luke Yang, Joanna Chen
  6. Chelsea Dennis

Novice Top Speakers: 

  1. Kyle Chiu, Annabel Yang, Judy Tsai
  2. Anderson Chao, Amy Pan, Esther Tsai, Angelina Huang, Aaron Wu
  3. Emma Chuo, Eric Lee, Jessica Liu, Jonathan Lo, Alva Tang
  4. Janet Hsu, Anthony Eastwood, Mia Weng
  5. Kris Chiu, Zoey Tai, Chloe Lan, Chloe Wang

Winners Recognized in ADL Facebook

Click for More Pictures in ADL Facebook Album:



Author: Jessie Chen

I am a former high school English teacher in the U.S. I am intrigued by all things worthy of my mental faculty.

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