2020-06-26 ADL Summer Camp Mini-Tournament Winners Are: Ocean Tang & Emma Lin (NPF); Winnie Tsao & Chloe Hsieh (SD)!

NPF Debate

Topic: The USFG Should Disincentivize Monocropping

Champion: 1st Place Team

Ocean Tang & Emma Lin (DIS)

Finalist: 2nd Place Team

Keira Chang (Le lyçee français de Los Angeles) & Tammy Hsu (DIS)

Semi-Finalist: 3rd Tier Teams

Julianne Lin & Sarah Maeng (TAS)

Evie Lee & Claire Lee (TAS)

Smart Debate

Topic: The United States should substantially decouple from China’s economy

Champion: 1st Place Team

Winnie Tsao & Chloe Hsieh (DIS)

Finalist: 2nd Place Team

Emily Cho & Serena Cheng (DIS, TAS)

Semi Finalist: 3rd Tier Teams

Marcus Wu & Nathan Pai (TAS)

Meredith Chao & Ingrid Lopez (TAS)

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