2014-12-07 TAS vs. KIS Smart Debate Tournament Winners Are: Harry Cheng & Yvonne Kuo; Adam Kuei & Yvette Tseng from KIS!

KIS Top 3 Debate Teams:
  1. Adam Kuei & Yvette Tseng (Won 2 Prelims + 1 Final/ 106 Prelim Speaker Points)
  2. Harry Cheng & Yvonne Kuo (Won 2 Prelims + 1 Final/ 100 Prelim Speaker Points)
  3. Justin Yang & Gina Cheng (Won 1 Prelim/ 111 Prelim Speaker Points)

TAS Top 3 Debate Teams:

  1. Graciana Tang & Vincent Lee (Won 1 Prelim / 115 Prelim Speaker Points)
  2. Gloria Lee & Amelia Lin (Won 1 Prelim/ 104 Prelim Speaker Points)
  3. Tiffany Chen & Megan Tang (Won 1 Prelim/ 102 Prelim Speaker Points)

Top 4 Individual Speakers:

  1. Graciana Tang (58 Prelim Speaker Points)
  2. Vincent Lee, Gina Cheng (57 Prelim Speaker Points)
  3. Yvette Tseng, Harry Cheng, Yvonne Kuo (55 Prelim Speaker Points)
  4. Justin Yang (54 Prelim Speaker Points)

Some of its Videos Captured in this Link:

Author: Jessie Chen

I am a former high school English teacher in the U.S. I am intrigued by all things worthy of my mental faculty.

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