8. Parliamentary/ Congress Debate (G7-12)

Picture1Parliamentary Debate is based on the British model of government. Debate format is very similar to MUN. The “motions” (ideas for change) are brought before the “house” (the governing body), and between the two of them, teams clash on the issues regarding the problem in a back and forth fashion. This class helps students to stand on their own feet and speak persuasively before a large audience.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Learn to question premises.
  2. Learn to deduce from logical reasoning.
  3. Learn to infer from examples.
  4. Learn to refute seemingly true statements.
  5. Learn to theorize with logic.
  6. Learn in depth about the given topic.
  7. Learn to research and cut evidence.
  8. Learn to write coherent Pro & Con cases.
  9. Learn to argue in a persuasive manner.
  10. Learn to work in teams and win/lose with grace.
  11. Learn to overcome fears and become confident in speaking and debating in English.
Class Details:
  • Age Appropriateness:  7th grade and up
  • Program Duration: all year long
  • Class Duration & Frequency: 2 hours, once a week
  • Class Size: 12 students minimum, 20 students maximum
Tuition – Taiwan:
  • Tuition: NT$  25,200 for 18 weeks
  • Payment Policy:
    • Pay in advance
    • Pay Cash
    • No refund

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