2012-03-04 TDA 6A, 7,8 聯合CX比賽獲勝者: Byron Cheung & Michael Chen, Coached by Eugenia Cheung, Andy Cheung, and Shelly Wung!

Tie on the 2 Best Girls Team Winning Both Rounds: 1) Jae Hee Kwak & Demi Chu, coached by Jeannie Yoo 2) Haeun Cho & Lauren Lin, coached by Penny Chou & Heeja Jung

2 Best Boys Team Winning Both Rounds: 1) Allen Huang & Andrew Li with lower speaker points, coached by James Li and 2) Byron Cheung & Michael Chen with higher speaker points, coached by Eugenia & Andy Cheung and Shelly Wung

Girl’s Preliminary Rounds: 6:00–8:40 PM

TDA 7,8 Girls B – Aff

Andrew (1st speaker)
Charleen (2nd speaker)
1st round- Girls Room
6:00–6:40 PM

Judge: Eugenia 1, Pong Yang 1
TDA 7,8 Girls D – Neg

Demi (1st speaker)
Jae Hee (2nd speaker)
TDA 7,8 Girls D – Aff

Jae Hee (1st speaker)
Demi (2nd speaker)
 2nd round – Girls Room
6:40 –7:20 PM

Judge: Frank 1, Carl 1
TDA 6A Girls C – Neg

Christy (1st speaker)
Theodora (2nd speaker)
TDA 7,8 Boys B – Aff

George (1st speaker)
Eugene (2nd speaker)
 3rd round – Girls Room
7:20 –8:00 PM

Judge: Jeannie 1, Eugenia 2
TDA 7,8 Boys D – Neg

Derek (1st speaker)
Jimmy (2nd speaker)
TDA 7,8 Boys D – Aff

Jimmy (1st speaker)
Derek (2nd speaker)
 4th round – Girls Room
8:00 –8:40 PM

Judge: Frank 2, Shelly 1
TDA 6A Boys C – Neg

Andrew (1st speaker)
Allen (2nd speaker)
TDA 6A Girls C – Aff

Theodora (1st speaker)
Christy (2nd speaker)
 1st round – Master Room
6:00–6:40 PM

Judge:, Shelly 1, Patricia 1
TDA 7,8 Girls A – Neg

Jasmine (1st speaker)
Angela (2nd speaker)
TDA 7,8 Girls A- Aff

Angela (1st speaker)
Jasmine (2nd speaker)
 2nd-round- Master Room
6:40 –7:20 PM 

Judge: James 1, Shelly 2
TDA 6A Girls A – Neg

Lauren (1st  speaker)
Haeun (2nd speaker)
TDA 7,8 Girls C – Aff

Charlene (1st speaker)
Caroline (2nd speaker)
3rd round – Master Room
7:20 –8:00 PM

Judge: James 2, Shelly 3
TDA 6A Girls B – Neg

Yvonne (1st speaker)
Stephanie (2nd speaker)
TDA 6A Girls A – Aff

Haeun (1st  speaker)
Lauren (2nd speaker)
4th round – Master Room
8:00 –8:40 PM

Judge: Shirley 1, Carl 2
TDA 7,8 Girls C – Neg

Caroline (1st speaker)
Charlene (2nd speaker)

Boy’s Preliminary Rounds:  6:00–8:40 PM

TDA 6A Boys A – Aff

Ethan (1st  speaker)
Ryan (2nd speaker)
1st round – Boys Room
6:00–6:40 PM

Judge: Penny 1, Jeannie 2
TDA 7,8 Boys C – Neg

Byron (1st speaker)
Michael (2nd speaker)
TDA 7,8 Boys C – Aff

Michael (1st speaker)
Byron (2nd speaker)
 2nd round – Boys Room
6:40 –7:20 PM

Judges: Shannon 2, Patricia 2
TDA 6A Boys B – Neg

Jeremy (1st speaker)
Brandon (2nd speaker)
TDA 7,8 Boys A- Aff

Carl (1st speaker)
Alan (2nd speaker)
3rd round – Boys Room
7:20 –8:00 PM

Judge: Penny 2, Vicky 1
TDA 6A Boys A – Neg

Ryan (1st  speaker)
Ethan (2nd speaker)
TDA 6A Boys B – Aff

Brandon (1st speaker)
Jeremy (2nd speaker)
4th round – Boys Room
8:00–8:40 PM

Judge: Shannon 2, Vicky 2
TDA 7,8 Boys B – Neg

Eugene (1st speaker)
George (2nd speaker)
TDA 6A Boys C – Aff

Allen (1st speaker)
Andrew (2nd speaker)
1st round – Living Room
6:00–6:40 PM

Judge: Shirley 2, Pong Yang 2
TDA 7,8 Boys A – Neg

Elsa (1st speaker)
Sara   (2nd speaker)
TDA 6A Girls B – Aff

Angel (1st speaker)
Yvonne (2nd speaker)
2nd round – Living Room
6:40 –7:20 PM

Judge: Jeannie 3, Eugenia 4
TDA 7,8 Girls B – Neg

Charleen (1st speaker)
Andrew (2nd speaker)
 3rd round – Living Room 7:20 –8:00 PM
 Debaters free during the 3rd round stay here.
4th round – Living Room 8:00 –8:40 PM
 Debaters free during the 4th round stay here.

Girls & Boys Final Rounds  8:40 – 9:20 PM

Girl’s Winning Team who has won twice, both Aff + Neg

Haeun Cho & Lauren Lin and Jae Hee Kwak & Demi Chu

These two teams tied on speaker points as well.
Final round – Living Room8:40 – 9:20 PM Judges: any and all those who are not parents to the contestantsBoy’s Winning Team who has won twice, both Aff + Neg

Allen Huang & Andrew Li and Byron Cheung & Michael Chen

The latter team won by higher speaker points.

Debaters with rounds 1 or 2 free need to stay out by the front gate area.

Debaters with rounds 3 or 4 free need to stay out in the Living Room.

All debaters will earn 2 NJFL points for each debate round.Advertisements


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