2012-02-18 TDA 7,8 CX比賽獲勝者: Angela Lu & Jasmine Kwak, coached by Jeannie Yoo!

Topic: “Mars” within the NSDA resolution of “space.”

Champion: Angela Lu and Jasmine Kwak, coached by Jeannie Yoo!

Finalist: Jimmy Choi and Haeun Cho!

Girl’s Preliminary Rounds: 6:00 –  8:40 PM

Team A – Aff

Angela (1st  speaker)
Jasmine (2nd speaker)
1st Round – Girl’s Room
6:00 – 6:40

Judges: Penny, Andy, Phong
Team B – Neg

Andrew (1st speaker)
Charleen (2nd speaker)
Team C – Aff

Charlene (1st speaker)
Caroline (2nd speaker)
2nd Round – Girl’s Room
6:40 – 7:20

Judges:Andy, Kenneth, Carl
Team D – Neg

Demi (1st speaker)
Jae Hee (2nd speaker)
Team B – Aff

Charleen (1st speaker)
Andrew (2nd speaker)
3rd Round – Girl’s Room
7:20 – 8:00

Judges:  Shannon, Eugenia, Carl
Team C – Neg

Caroline (1st speaker)
Charlene (2nd speaker)
Team D – Aff

Jae Hee (1st speaker)
Demi (2nd speaker)
4th Round – Girl’s Room
8:00 – 8:40

Judges: Penny, Kenneth, Vicky
Team A – Neg

Jasmine (1st  speaker)
Angela (2nd speaker)

Boy’s Preliminary Rounds:  6:00 –  8:40 PM

Team A

Carl (1st  speaker) + Elsa
Alan (2nd speaker)
1st Round – Boy’s Room
6:00 – 6:40

Judges: Lulu, Jeannie,Ann
Team B

Allen (1st speaker)
George (2nd speaker)
Team C

Michael  (1st speaker)
Byron (2nd speaker)
2nd Round – Boy’s Room
6:40 – 7:20

Judges: Penny, Luke, Patricia
Team D

Hayun (1st speaker)
Jimmy (2nd speaker)
Team B

George (1st speaker)
Allen (2nd speaker)
3rd Round – Boy’s Room
7:20 – 8:00

Judges:Penny Jeannie, Patricia
Team C

Byron (1st speaker)
Michael (2nd speaker)
Team D

Jimmy (1st speaker)
Hayun (2nd speaker)
4th Round – Boy’s Room
8:00 – 8:40

Judges: Shelly, Lulu, Ann
Team A

Alan (1st  speaker)+Elsa
Carl (2nd speaker)

Girl’s vs Boy’s  Final  Round: 8:40 – 9:20

Winning Girls Team 

Angela (1st  speaker)
Jasmine (2nd speaker)

Need 2 or more judges who are not parents of the contestants
Winning Boys Team

(1st speaker)
Hayun (2nd speaker)


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