11. Millennial Online Debate Courses

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Millennial Speech & Debate offers tutoring support for both individual debaters and speech and debate teams across the country.

Taiwan Exclusive Contact and Agency – Asian Debate League

A. Discussion Forum

Learning Objective: This is a semi-private, group discussion forum. The purpose of this forum is to provide a 24-hour, discussion platform that is not only limited to the usual once a week class time. Anytime a student has a debate-related question or has something to share with others, they can post their questions or thoughts on this forum. Coaches answer students’ questions at their earliest available time and encourage group discussions. Aside from answering questions, coaches feed to this device the daily topic-specific updates, thoughts, and information about the upcoming tournaments. As a result, students’ background knowledge and confidence level in the given topic increase.


  • Option A) Student Proaccounts (USD $99/year)
  • Option B) Institutional Account(USD $219/year)

B. ADL Group Coaching

Learning Objective: This additional option is designed to meet the specific needs of six (minimum) – eight (maximum) debate students (in Public Forum, Policy, or LD debate) for a single month on a particular topic. You must be already a member of the discussion forumeither Student Pro or Institution Account by per hour coaching for this service.  Instruction will include (a) private, interactive topic lecture through Slack video conferencing services; (b) draft Public Forum cases and student case review; (c) argument development support; (d) each student’s personal case review; (e) each student’s practice speech and practice debate feedback.


  • Option A) USD $2,400 for six students.
  • Option B) USD $2,600 for eight students. This will provide up to 16 hours of directed instruction on a given debate topic.

C. Non-ADL Institutional Coaching

Learning Objective: This is an additional option that is a team-based tutoring at the discretion of the coach. It is designed to meet the specific needs of one debate club/group of students. They must be already a member of the discussion forum – Institution Account.

  • Option A) USD $399 package includes five hours of team-based or individual-based coaching. Additional hours will be at a discounted rate of $65/hour.
  • Option B) USD $750 monthly package includes 16 hours monthly Public Forum Topic preparation for one club/school. Instruction will include (a) private, interactive topic lecture through Slack video conferencing services; (b) argument development support; (c) student case draft strategy; (d) any debate assistance specific to each club/group at the coach’s discretion

D. Summer Millennial Debate & Math Camps

Learning Objective: Please read Kelly’s mom and Jessie’s comments below to understand the importance of summer debate camps in the U.S. They must be already a member of the discussion forum – Institution Account.

PriceGroup discount — 8 or more kids — USD $2,495 each

Millennial Beginners — Public Forum Debate


Millennial Elite — Public Forum Debate


TOC High School International Public Forum Champion Mom Tells Why Summer Debate Camps Are Important.


TOC Champion of International Public Forum Debate – 1st Place Winners – are Brandon Chen and Kelly Phil, and they were taught online by Stefan Bauschard, along with Julian Gagnon, Mike Girouard, Nick Coburn-Palo, and Anthony Berryhill. Kelly also received an additional speaker #2 award!


SOURCE: TAS School News – May 2 2017

Testimonial from Kelly’s Mom: “Thank you all~!!! If anyone tells you it is impossible to win in the U.S., tell them, yes, it is possible. I have seen Taiwan kids win in the U.S., even in TOC Champion, the most difficult tournament in the U.S. But remember, when my daughter first went to the U.S. NSDA, she lost every round. Also, Ms. Jessie often told everybody that when her son first went to the U.S. NSDA, he also lost every single round. So, the only reason why they got this honor today is because they didn’t mind losing, and they never gave up!!! So, I would like to encourage all of you to never give up!! ONE TIP: If you don’t send your child to debate intensive camps during the summer, then it will be very difficult for them to improve and win in the U.S. because that is what all the good debaters do in the U.S…thank you again~!!!”

Nick Taylor: “Are Brandon and Kelly considering the ivy league schools now? This probably opens a lot of doors… huge congrats”

Kelly’s Mom: “Thank you, Teacher Nick! I don’t know about Ivy, but in fact, even their TAS school coach told Kelly and Brandon on the day when they won TOC “you guys can now go to the best universities in the U.S. because you are TOC Champions!!!” I am so glad I trusted Ms. Jessie’s advice and never doubted. I know when Ms Jessie first started American Style debate in Taiwan 6 years ago, many people didn’t believe her and thought MUN was debate, even many of my daughter’s friends all quit debate because of MUN. So I was really confused and asked her, and she said don’t quit MUN because it shows leadership, but MUN is not debate and cannot replace debate, so do both. I am so glad my daughter did both MUN and Debate. But if you ask my daughter, which one she is willing to quit, she says MUN because it is boring, and when there is conflict between MUN and debate tournament, my daughter always chooses debate. In fact, when the TAS coach selects kids for the school debate team, he never considers kids with MUN experience and only select kids with real debate experience..I am sharing this not to brag, but just in hope that my daughter’s experience might help someone, thank you!!!”

Jessie Chen’s Response: Kelly’s mom is so sharing and open. I admire her quality as a person, and I just want to confirm that what she said about summer debate camps in the US is true!!! It is really critical for serious debaters. In fact, that is the secret of my son’s success in debate. He went to a debate camp every summer and worked from 9 AM – 9 PM everyday, including Saturday and a half day Sunday for at least 4 weeks each time he went. Think about it: a regular debate class in Taiwan – 2hr/week per 15 classes in 2 semesters – can offer you 60 hours in 1 school year or 9 months if your child is NEVER absent. Compare this with one month debate camp which trains your child up to over 300 hours of debate training in 1 month. In sum, it is 60 hrs in 9 months versus 300 hrs in 1 month!!!! Do you know what this means? My son actually learned most of his debate skills in the U.S. summer debate camps, and merely maintained his debate skills in TaiwanEverything in life comes down to one’s ability to communicate, and that is why debaters are more accepted to top tier U.S. universities than anything else. College admissions know that debate encompasses 1) Politics, 2) History, 3) Logic, 4) Critical Thinking, 5) College level vocabulary, 6) Speaking ability, 7) Time management, and most importantly 8+9) Committment and Self confidence. Besides, nothing will help your child improve English faster than debate. Thank you all soooo much for your kind words!!! This article will back up my claims here: https://www.speechanddebate.org/wp-content/uploads/Forensics-And-College-Admissions-Minh-Luong.pdf

Besides, debate camp is the best way to prep for SAT exam, and here is the article: http://millennialsd.com/2014/03/23/debate-participation-as-the-ultimate-sat-test-prep/

ADL-Affiliated Online Teachers

Asian Debate League is the Exclusive Contact and Agent in Taiwan of the following coaches. Please contact ADL if you are interested in online courses with the US Top-Tier Debate Coaches from the US.

Stefan.jpgStefan Bauschard
 has been a policy debate coach for the Harvard University Debate Council for many years, and currently the Debate Coach for Lakeland School District, Stefan has been actively teaching speaking and debating in the United States at both the high school and college levels since 1994. During that time, he has taught hundreds of students, developed and tabulated more than seventy-five tournaments, spent thousands of hours developing research and instructional materials for debaters all over the country, and has developed academic speech and debate workshops in the United States and abroad.

Stefan is available for Public Forum coaching.

Brian Manuel

Brian Manuel is the Director of Policy Debate at Stanford University and the Director of Debate at Edgemont High School. Prior to Stanford, Brian coached for Harvard University, where his teams were greatly successful achieving multiple First Round At-Large bids to the National Debate Tournament and participating in elimination rounds at every tournament they attended. At Stanford, Brian has coached teams to the elimination rounds of the National Debate Tournament, Cross-Examination Debate Association National Championship along with the University of Missouri-Kansas City, University of Nevada Las Vegas, Arizona State, Gonzaga, and San Francisco State University. On the high school circuit, Brian has coached the champions of the 2003 Bronx Science, 2008 Barkley Forum, 2011 Meadows & USC tournaments, and the 2012 Golden Desert Invitational. In addition, Brian has had multiple teams in the elimination rounds of the Tournament of Champions, NDCA, NCFL, and NSDA Nationals with finals finishes in 2007 and 2012, in addition to coaching the top speaker at NSDA Nationals in 2013. In 2015, Brian began coaching debate at Edgemont high school.  In his first year, Brian coached one Policy team to the TOC, with the team earning 6 TOC bids and reaching the quarterfinals at Harvard. One of the debaters was accepted to Harvard and the other to Stanford. In only his second year at Edgement (2016-17), he has grown the team to more than 50 debaters.

Brian will be tutoring in Policy, PD, and Lincoln-Douglas.

Mikaeala Malsin

Dr. Mikaeala Malsin is currently the Director of Debate at Georgetown University. Previously, she was an Associate Director of Debate at Emory University, her alma mater. At Emory Mikaela has coached multiple first round at large bids to the National Debate Tournament, and one team who placed third in the Copeland award rankings. In 2012, she received an M.A. in Communications from Wake Forest University, where she coached teams receiving first round bids and clearing at the National Debate Tournament. She completed her Ph.D. in Communication Studies at the University of Georgia, where she coached from 2012 to 2015. Mikaela has taught debate at the Emory National Debate Institute, the Dartmouth Debate Institute, the Georgia Debate Institute, and the Dallas Urban Debate Alliance summer institute.

Mikaela will be tutoring in Policy Debate and Public Forum.

bilalBilal Butt is currently Assistant Director and the Public Forum Debate coach at Ardrey Kell High School. This year (2016-17), his teams closed out Yale and reached finals of Wake Forest and semifinals of the New York City and Glenbrooks Invitational. In 2015-16, his team received seven bids and reached the octafinals of the Tournament of Champions The were the runner-up at the Blake tournament and the Blake Round Robin and reached the octafinals of the Harvard tournament while also “championing” the Laird Lewis Invitational.

Bilal is available for Public Forum coaching.

Kevin hKevin Hamrick is the Director of Debate at Montgomery Bell Academy.  This year his teams have dominated the national policy circuit, winning St. Mark’s, New Trier, and the Glenbrooks. His teams have also advanced to the elimination rounds at every other major tournament. Prior to coaching at Montgomery Bell, Kevin coached at Northwestern, where he assisted with coaching multiple national champions.

Kevin be tutoring in Policy Debate.