SAT Camps – ADL is Unique!

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ADL SAT Camp is for students who need to enhance their reading comprehension and writing performance in all assessment exams, including SAT. The class curriculum is developed by Jessie Chen, the CEO of Asian Debate League.


 Learning Objectives:

 In order to enhance students’ SAT scores, this class focuses on 1) vocabulary memorization, 2) test taking strategies, and 3) skill drills in the following areas:

  1. Practice SAT Exams
  1. Vocabulary Memorization
  1. Test Taking Strategies
  • Essay Writing Tips
  • Passage Reading Techniques
  • Process of Elimination Tips
  • Time management
  1. Skill Drills

A. Writing Drills

  • Thesis Formation Drills
  • Paragraph Improving Drills
  • Grammar Drills

B. Critical Reading Drills

  • Vocab Drills
  • Short Passage Drills
  • Long Passage Drills

 Camp Details:

  • Age Appropriateness:  8th grade and up
  • Program Duration: Seasonally Different
  • Class Size: 12 students minimum, 20 students maximum
  • Tuition: NT$  Please ask the ADL staff
  • Payment Policy:
    • Pay in advance
    • Pay Cash
    • No refund

Click Here To Register Online To Save a Spot.


8th Grade going on 9th TAS Student Huang got 2150 on SAT Because of Debate Training

I entered Taipei American School in 6th grade as an ESL student, who could barely speak English fluently. In 7th grade, my sister’s friend asked me to join Taipei Debate Academy (also known as Asian Debate League). While learning policy debate, I was forced to read hundreds of articles and highlight the important sentences within an article. Through the highlighting process, I learned how to grasp the main idea of a story instantly. This skill is extremely important while taking a SAT exam, especially the critical reading section, because of the limited amount of time. In the SAT summer camp in ADL in 2013, I took the SAT for the very first time, which I received a score less than 1000 points (out of 2400). Through the 4 weeks and 5 mock exams, my grade increased to 2150 points, which was a large improvement as a current freshman. In my opinion, debate truly helped my SAT grades because of the skills, mentioned above, learned through the debate process.

SAT Scores_Page_1

SAT Critical Reading Score Gone Up Over 100% in 10 sessions!

On an average, SAT Critical Reading Score of 6 TAS 10 -11th grade students (Christina H., June P., James Y., Ray L., Alvin L., David J.) has gone up 134% on Test Score One (from 32 up to 75) and 100% on Test Score Two (from 40  up to 80). They were the very first group of JC’s students for this particular class, and the results are from ten classes between Feb 16 – April 27, 2013.

SAT Score Improvement Chart


Below is a combined score chart of PSAT Camp 1 and PSAP Camp 2 (all TAS students, except for 1 TES student). The Math was omitted because most students have not yet taken Geometry, which is required for SAT Math section. However, the 10th graders were given the option to take the Math section after class, but all of them have rejected the offer.

During our 2014 Summer SAT camp, we will offer SAT Math for those who request it.

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