2. Public Speaking II Advance – Extemporaneous Speech (G6-12)


What is Extemporaneous Speech? 

A contestant draws three questions, selects one, and prepares a speech in 30 minutes. The speaker utilizes files of published materials (books, magazines, newspapers, online sources) s/he has researched throughout the year. Then the contestant speaks up to 7 minutes on a given topic – either on a topic of 1) U.S. domestic issues or 2) International issues.

Benefits of Extemp?

The extemporaneous speaking trains the students to use one of the most effective modes of presentation. Because not enough time is given to write exact script, 1) the speaker must deliver it in a conversational manner – maintaining eye contact and interacting with the audience and 2) must be open to any feedback, such as a confused look of an audience. However, a concise note can be used during the presentation.

Learning Objectives: 

    1. Learn to comprehend the extemp topics
    2. Learn to research on extemp topics
    3. Learn to organize scrutinize, highlight, organize researched materials
    4. Learn to write speeches in limited time
    5. Learn to deliver extemporaneous speeches in public.

Class Details:

  • Age Appropriateness For Advance Class:  5th grade and up
  • Class Duration & Frequency: 2 hours, once a week
  • Class Size: 3 students minimum
  • Tuition: NT$ 700 for 1 hour
  • Payment Policy:Pay in advance
    • Pay Cash
    • No refund


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