3. Competitive Speech (G6-12)

Competitive Speech is for students who need more individual attention and coaching for their speech competition. ADL teachers are qualified to prepare students for the most prestigious U.S. Speech competitions such as NSDA. However, we can also train students for locally-held Taiwan competitions.

Learning Objectives: 

Teachers in this class will help students write and edit speech scripts.  Once the speech is edited  student will practice delivering their speech until they are ready to compete.

  1. Learn to cut speech drafts from a proper source.
  2. Learn to write a speech draft.
  3. Learn to edit a speech draft.
  4. Learn to voice record a speech draft (or have the teachers record for the students).
  5. Memorize and perform the speech in public.
Class Details:
  • Age Appropriateness:  4th grade and up
  • Class Duration & Frequency: 2 hours, once a week
  • Class Size: 3 students minimum
Tuition – Taiwan:
  • Tuition: 700 NT for 1 hour
  • Payment Policy:
    • Pay in advance
    • Pay Cash
    • No refund

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