2. Root Words (G4-12)

Picture2English is difficult because it is a mixture of many western languages. However, if you master the root words, learning new words becomes fun and logical because root words are the basis of all western languages. This is why most SAT Prep Schools teach root words, but English teachers no longer teach root words in the classrooms, and students as a result have limited vocabulary repertoire and suffer greatly in terms comprehension and writing academic papers.

This class fixes this problem for good. Jessie Chen has invented an innovative ways to teach root words in a fun way by playing games–guaranteed your child will love this class!

The class curriculum is developed by Jessie Chen, the CEO of Taipei Debate Academy and Asian Debate League. She is a published author with a Cum Laude in English Literature, Summa Cum Laude in Masters in Teaching English, and a former college instructional aid and a high school English teacher. Jessie as the most competent and innovative English teacher in the United States is documented as she holds the record highest score on PRAXIS Exam

Learning Objectives: 

1. Read the root words 1 time each day
2. Type the root words 1 time each day.
3. Practice speed reading with your peers via phone, and fill out the chart for points.
4. Participate in the speed-typing competition of the root words (The boys will time the girls, and the girls will time the boys).
5. Participate in the speed-reading competition of the root words.
6. Participate in the root words definition competition.
Class Details:
  • Age Appropriateness:  4th grade and up
  • Program Duration: 8 weeks, 16 class hours
  • Class Duration & Frequency: 2 hours, once a week
  • Class Size: 12 students minimum
Tuition – Taiwan:
  • Tuition: NT$ 11,200
  • Payment Policy:
    • Pay in advance
    • Pay Cash
    • No refund

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TDA 6A Root Words Speed Tournament, 2nd Round: Boys Win


Root Words 1st Page:  Boys Win

Brandon 01:43 minutes        Theodora 01:34 minutes

Dylan       01:46 minutes        Haeun        01:57 minutes

Root Words 2nd Page:  Boys Win

Andrew 02:12 minutes        Theodora 02:10 minutes

Dylan  02:13 minutes           Yvonne       02:17 minutes

Typing Both 1st & 2nd page:  Boys Win

Dylan     222 words              Lauren     178 words (5 minutes)

Jeremy  172 words             Yvonne    128 words (5 minutes)


Boys:              Root Words 1st Page:  2nd Page

Andrew         1:39     minutes                    Ryan           2:35

Dylan             1:40                                          Andrew    1:52

Brandon        1:43                                         Allen          2:05

Jeremy          1:45                                         Dylan         2:13

Ryan               1:48                                         Jeremy     2:30

Jack                2:11                                          Brandon     2: ?

Allen              2:15                                          Jack            3:10

Girls:         Root Words 1st Page:  2nd Page

Haeun            1:16                      Haeun    1:19

Theodora     1:19                      Theodora   1:19

Yvonne         1:28                     Yvonne    1:42

Elsa                1:54                     Elsa    2:05

Lauren    ?                                  Lauren

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