2021 – 22 ADL Classes

Writing Classes


G4-6 Beginner Writing (Thur. 3:30pm @ADL; Sat. 10:00am; Sat. 5:00pm @MingYao)

G6+ Shakespeare Writing (Tue. 5:30pm @MingYao; Wed. 6:00pm @ADL)

G6-8 Academic Writing (Wed. 3:50pm; Fri. 4:30pm @ADL; 1:00pm @MingYao)

G8+ PSAT Writing (Fri. 6:30pm @ADL)

Students’ Writing Samples

G4-6 Beginner Writing

1. Yiwen Fang-Grade 5, Fuhsing Private School

2. Masaki Kawakami – Grade 5, Taipei Adventist American School

3. Amber Chen – Grade 5, Kuei Shan School

4. Aiden Chiang – Grade 4, Fuhsing Private School

G6+ Shakespeare Writing

1. Annabelle Lin – Grade 8, Taipei American School

2. Aaron Chen – Grade 7, Fuhsing Private School

3. Austin Chen – Grade 6, Hsinchu American School)

G6-8 Academic Writing

1. Annabelle Huang – Grade 7, Taipei European School

2. Derek Shih – Grade 6, Taipei American School

3. Alisha Cheng – Grade 6, Hsinchu American School)

G8+ PSAT Writing

1.Nathan Chang – Grade 9, Wego Private School)

Online Registration

Disclaimer: This does  not guarantee student’s registration until it is paid in full. However, this helps us plan and offer classes of  your choice. Student list for each class will be administered in the order we receive via online and in person.     In addition, classes will not start until the minimum number of students designated for each class have registered. In that case, you will be on the waiting list until the class is full. You can also help us speed up the process by recruiting your own friends to the class, especially your own debate partner. Otherwise, you will be assigned to a partner by the instructor and you will not be allowed to personally choose your own partner.

Refund Policy

ADL refund policy is based on the laws of Taiwan “Taipei City Short Term Cram School Regulation (#05-08-1005) Chapter VI,” and it is listed below:

  • 80% of the fees are refundable if students officially withdraw from ADL prior to the first day of class.
  • 70% of the fees will be refunded if students officially withdraw from ADL between the first day of the semester and the first 1/3 of the semester.
  • No refund will be granted after 1/3 of the classes in a semester.

Registration Confirmation

We will respond to you the next working day. If you have questions, please call us at 02-2876-1866 from 2:00 – 8:00 PM (Monday – Friday) and 10 AM – 6 PM (Saturday). You can also LINE us <http://nav.cx/6qTXpan>.