2018 – 2015 Stanford & Berkeley

2018 Berkeley
Stanford 1
Stanford 2
Benson, Cynthia
Stanford 4
Stanford 5

Brandon Chen, the Champion of 2017 SNFI Policy Round Robin


Brandon Chen & Allen Huang (TAS)

Octofinalist-Candidate at the Berkeley University Tournament!

Rank 36 out of 124 Total Teams!

Complete Results: https://www.tabroom.com/index/tourn/results/event_results.mhtml?tourn_id=4278&result_id=23241

ADL Policy Debaters Win in the U.S.
2015 Stanford Debate Tournament!

Stanford Tournament Results of 4 ADL Policy Debaters:
Congratulations to All of them! All did great!

Speaker Rank & Awards (Out of 100 debaters)

#11 Faye Shih
#13 Jennifer Chin
#25 Jonathan Lin
#32 Jennifer Chiang

Team Rank & Awards (Out of 50 teams)
#12 Shih/Chin – Octafinalist
#17 Lin/Chiang – Missed top 16 by .5 out of 180 points!




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