Why Debate?

Why Learn to Debate? 

Because Everything in Life Comes Down To Your Ability to Communicate!

Debate Students Get Accepted to the Best Universities in the U.S. 

02. College Admissions & Debate_Page_1 - CopyThe Wall Street Journal report did specifically highlight a “consistent trend”
— one that forensic coaches have known for a long time — that dedicated participation in drama and debate has significantly increased the success rate of college applicants at all schools which track such data. State and national award winners have a 22% to 30% higher acceptance rate at top tier colleges and being captain of the debate team “improved an applicant’s chances by more than 60% compared with the rest of the pool,” according to the report. This is significantly better than other extracurricular activities that tend to recruit from the same pool of students as forensic teams such as school newspaper reporter (+3%), sports team captain (+5%), class president (+5), and band (+3). Even without winning major awards, participation in speech and debate develops valuable skills that colleges are seeking out and that is reflected in the above average acceptance rate (4%). Colleges and universities today are looking for articulate thinkers and communicators who will become active citizens and leaders of

Colleges care about “which” tournament  you participated in. The reason why NSDA is such a big name in the U.S. has all to do with their amazingly  long history of over 90 years  and distinguished alumni.

NSDA (the U.S. National Speech & Debate  Association) is a huge name recognition  for U.S. college applications.

Here is a video link to help you understand about NSDA: 

The new SAT was designed by a former debate champion, David Coleman,  the President of the College Board, and requires debate skills more than ever.

03. Redesigned SAT & DEBATE Poster

Source: http://millennialsd.com/2014/03/23/debate-participation-as-the-ultimate-sat-test-prep/

Therefore, debate students get higher scores on all standardized exams. 

Sponsors of competitive speech programs must prove scientifically how forensics improves student achievement, as defined by No Child Left Behind (NCLB; 2001). While many studies have shown a connection between debate experience and improved critical thinking skills, few studies have linked competitive speaking specifically to the standardized tests required by NCLB. This researcher examined the state and national test scores of similarly motivated honors English students in a single high school, over the course of 4 years, and compared the scores of forensic students against the scores of non-forensic students. It was found that students with experience in competitive speech scored significantly higher (α = 0.03) on state administered writing tests and significantly higher (α = 0.07) on a nationally normed reading test. Additionally, this study revealed no significant difference in test scores between students who competed in the debate events vs. those students who competed in the non-debate events.



“This conclusion is not surprising. Debaters who are likely to read more than 1,000 original sources, who are tirelessly searching for evidence that supports and refutes conclusions, who are actively pointing out weaknesses in evidence, and who are constantly synthesizing evidence and ideas before and during debates, and who come across hundreds of vocabulary words in context that they need to understand are nearly certain to develop the skills they need to record high scores on the redesigned SAT. And more importantly, debate participation as test prep will make them college and career ready.”

Source: http://millennialsd.com/2014/03/23/debate-participation-as-the-ultimate-sat-test-prep/

In China, the U.S. debate has received wide acceptance already. 

This video shows how U.S. Style debate is practiced in China.

That is because China has seen visible benefits of debate.

The NSDA and TOC Asia Representative Stefan Bauschard explains in his presentation called “Debating Across the World: Academic Benefits, Global Growth, SAT Prep, College Admissions.”

There is no other activity that stimulates your child’s brain more powerfully than debate! Try it! I guarantee it. 

–Jessie Chen, CEO of Asian Debate League

These are the short term, long term, and life time benefits to debating.

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