2020 NSDA 대만 회원대회 결과

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2020 NSDA Taiwan Coach of the Year

Chase Williams is very civic minded; he spent a good couple of months knocking doors for Pete Buttigieg who was running for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. Disneyland is his favorite theme park, a place where everyone is cheerful and blending in to have fun. Chase himself is very cheerful and constantly seeks ways to blend in with others to transform anything dull to exciting. He does this naturally because that’s just how he is; he can always spot a common denominator in all sides, even between worst opponents, and uses his cheery charms to make people recognize that we are all better together in collaboration than on our own in exclusion.

Chase is also the elected chair of the NSDA Taiwan District for two years, until 2021. A new chair will be elected in 2022 for another term, eventually providing an opportunity for all committee members in the TSDA (Taiwan Speech & Debate Association) to act as Chair to be more democratic and to be more resembling the U.S. NSDA model.

Ryan Engen’s Good Bye Speech

Ryan Engen’s “The strange cult of debate community” He says winning will not matter to you in 30 years, but friends you have made; so live the K – find root causes and heal the divisions; and defend Taiwan democracy.

2020 Outstanding Seniors

McKenzie Engen’s Acceptance Speech

Open PF Debate Winners

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Open Public Forum Debate Semi Finalists

Open Public Forum Debate Quarter Finalists

Open Public Forum Debate Octafinalists

Open PF Debate Top Speakers

  1. Trevor Wu
  2. Ethan Cheng
  3. Pairie Koh
  4. Darren Zee
  5. Joshua Cho
  6. Adam Lee
  7. Matt Chung
  8. Evan Tseng
  9. Kevin Chan
  10. Aaron Ong
  11. Davina Jou
  12. Patrick Chiao
  13. Athena Yeh
  14. David Hsu
  15. Joshua Ji
  16. Megan Hsu
  17. Wayne Chen
  18. Ryan Chen
  19. Ryan Zheng
  20. Karen Chang

Elementary Smart Debate Winners

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Smart Debate Semi Finalists

Smart Debate Quarter Finalists

Smart Debate Octafinalists

Elementary Smart Debate Top Speakers

  1. Ariel Chiong
  2. Scarlett Tsai
  3. Hannah Wang
  4. Aiden Shen
  5. Elroy Liu
  6. Bryce Yao
  7. Chloe Hsu
  8. Elizabeth Wong
  9. Anthony Kuo
  10. Matthew Wang
  11. Andrew Yang
  12. Yiwen Fang
  13. Sean Ho
  14. Julianne Lin
  15. Joshua Lin
  16. Benjamin Chang
  17. Lion Song
  18. Hannah Chang
  19. Jasper Wei
  20. Hengyi Liao

Elementary Impromptu Speaking

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Elementary Original Oratory

Elementary Storytelling

Complete Results in the Tabroom

Winners Recognized on ADL Facebook

More Pictures on ADL Facebook

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