2019-12-21 NSDA-중국, 상하이에서 ADL 학생들의 우수한 성과!

ADL students have shaken up Shanghai NSDA Tournament. The majority of ADL teams broke! Our kids are simply amazing! Our students were placed in the international division, which is considered the most competitive in China, but of the 16 teams, 11 debate teams still broke. In addition, 3 more students broke in the supplementary extemporaneous debate division.  7 out of top 15 middle school outstanding speakers were ADL students! We would like to thank our wonderful coaches – Tyler at home, Brandon on line, and Kelly behind the scenes; by working together as one ADL team of coaches, we were able to bring out the best in our kids!

Complete Results: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/RkRnOuBiVHCg30AmyUjfDQ

2019-12 Shanghai 1
2019-12 Shanghai 2
2019-12 Shanghai 3

2019-12 Shanghai 4

2019-12 Shanghai 6
2019-12 Shanghai 5

Middle School PF Quarter-finalists

Middle School PF Octafinalists

Middle School PF Top 10 Outstanding Speakers


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