2019 Michigan 대회에서 ADL 학생들의 우수한 성과!

ADL policy students have shaken up Michigan High School Tournament with impressive records! We are small in number, but strong is our presence!

Before the tournament, Kelly and Micah were one of the top 9 teams invited to the prestigious Michigan Senior Round Robin, and took 3rd place team award. In addition, Kelly took the 2nd place speaker award, and Micah was the 11th in speaker rank.

Kelly and Micah also broke at the Varsity Policy Division – Double Octafinalist! Kelly was also the 12th speaker out of 211 debaters!

Both teams – Ray & Adam and Mira & Ryan – won 3 rounds in varsity division, which is actually extremely difficult to do and exceeded their own expectations because they were prepared to lose and learn from this tournament since they were mostly going against kids much older in age and experience.

Then as Dylan says, “ADL students have taken the Novice Policy Division by storm!

A new champion has been born – Jay & Jacqueline Chu! Their records are second to none in the Michigan tournament and has set a new record in ADL as well. They won 8 out of 9 rounds with 17 out of 18 votes; 2nd best seed in the prelim rounds; Jacqueline was the 3rd and Jay was the 8th speaker!!

2019-10 Michigan 5

More wins were claimed:

  • Chloe and Miria –  Quarterfinalist!
  • Judy and Noah – Octafinalist!
  • Draven and Jordan – won 4 rounds, almost breaking to octafinalist!

Top Speakers from a total of 106 debaters:

  • Chloe Wang – 2nd Speaker!
  • Jacqueline Chu – 3rd Speaker!
  • Noah Huang – 4th Speaker!
  • Jay Chu – 8th Speaker!
  • Miria – 10th Speaker!
  • Judy – 11th Speaker!
  • Draven – 25th Speaker!
  • Jordan – 28th Speaker!

Something’s cooking right at ADL – its high caliber coaching, teamwork, and parent support. For this success, we again pay our deepest tribute to our amazing coaches – Tyler, Dylan, Kelly, Brandon, Ariqq!

If you have a “will,” then there is a “way” in ADL for you to be the best you can be!

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