2019 NSDA-미국 전국대회 결과

2019-06 Nationals 1

ADL and TAS collaborated together for the selection of 2019 WSD Taiwan team because the applicants were predominately TAS students. As such, the team was also coached by Chase Williams, the head coach of TAS, and as a result achieved great accomplishment at the nationals breaking to the Double Octafinalist honor out of 172 teams. Truly amazing! They make Taiwan proud! Thank you, Chase!

2019-06 Nationals 2

Jay and Jacqueline – as one of the two highest seeds qualified to the International PF Exhibition round – claimed the first place championship! Their win was officially recognized with a plaque, but wasn’t ready, so will be shipped to them later.

We would like to thank Tyler for his high caliber analysis and coaching of the PF topic at home-front! Also special thanks to all the onsite coaches John, Dylan, and Brandon! Your shrewd onsite coaching of Jay and Jacqueline, our only PF team at the nationals made it possible for students of only a few months of debate experience into an international PF champion.

2019-06 Nationals 3

We would like to also recognize Chloe Wang who came one round short of qualifying to breaking to Extemporaneous Debate; nonetheless, she made it deep into the top 10 position. Good job, Chloe!!

Congratulations to you all! You all won in your heart and mind by the choice you made to make this life-altering trip.

Thank you to all the coaches who worked in harmony for one purpose – preparing our youngest kids, mostly only 5th graders to be prepared to compete against the older, mostly 8th graders, especially in the WSD event. This was a daunting task of elevating kids from smart debate to suddenly a world class debate in a few weeks.

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