2018-12-22 NSDA-중국, 베이징에서 ADL 학생들의 우수한성과!

ADL students won big in NSDA China Beijing Regional Championship! Out of 8 teams, 7 teams broke, which means almost everyone came home with an award, some more than one. What was most noteworthy was that the top #1 speaker of both Open and Novice divisions were from ADL – Kelly Phil and Ryan Bu, respectively.  Likewise, the top #1 seed team in both Open and Novice preliminary rounds were from ADL – Micah Wang/Kelly Phil and Ryan Bu/Audrey Leu, respectively. Best of all, ADL’s both Open and Novice teams advanced to the farthest point we can reach in China – Final Round! 

Why such a big win? What is so special about ADL? The answer is “teamwork.” In ADL, not only do we have the top-notch coaches like Tyler, John, Ryan, and Stefan (who all have contributed to this huge success and we thank deeply), but behind the scene, we have very special mentors who sacrifice their own personal time to teach and guide the younger ones to blossom – Kelly and Brandon. Kelly has been freely mentoring the novice kids for months, and Brandon refused to sleep during the tournament editing every single debater’s case to his perfection, and flew all the way from the U.S. to welcome and congratulate the returning kids at the Taoyuan airport. This is how we build a successful team in ADL – expertise, dedication, and most of all love that flows down from the top to bottom.  


Open Final Round Videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLb1SAivDxsb-oh7FSPfGWBblNu0DIPLby


Novice Final Round Videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLb1SAivDxsb-oh7FSPfGWBblNu0DIPLby


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Complete 2018 NSDA Beijing Records


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