2015-03-08 TAS, MAT, MAK, KIS Smart Debate Tournament Winners Are: Jeffrey Wang & Vincent Lee from TAS!

Topic: Violent Video Games

First Place Team!

Jeffrey  Wang & Vincent Lee (TAS)

Second Place Team!

Eric Lin (MAT)

Third Place Teams!

Brian Chang & Wesley Lin (MAT); Linda Chang & Cynthia Lin (KIS)

Fourth Place Teams!

Megan Tang & Darren Tsang (TAS); Yumi Sato & Gloria Tsai (MAK);

Max Lan & Andre Tsai (MAK); Gordan Huang, Fiona Kao, & Yvette Tseng (KIS)

Top Five Speakers!

  1. Darren Tsang, Vincent Lee, Yvette Tseng (56 Prelim speaker points)
  2. Graciana Tang (55.5 Prelim speaker points)
  3. Jeffrey Wang, Cynthia Lin (55 Prelim speaker points)
  4. Max Lan, Andre Tsai, Eddie Wang, Fiona Kao, Gordan Huang  (54 Prelim speaker points)
  5. Eric Lin (53.5 Prelim speaker points)

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Author: Jessie Chen

I am a former high school English teacher in the U.S. I am intrigued by all things worthy of my mental faculty.

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