Why Asian Debate League Matters?

Asian Debate League (ADL) is a member of both the Taiwan and U.S. National Speech & Debate Association (TSDA & NSDA).

1.ADL provides opportunities for students to participate in all NSDA tournaments, locally and internationally – e.g., NSDA Taiwan, NSDA China, NSDA Korea, NSDA Japan, and NSDA U.S.

2. ADL provides opportunities for students to compete in the prominent tournaments both in the U.S. and abroad – e.g., the U.S. NSDA, the U.S. and China Tournament of Champions [TOC] StanfordBerkeley,  Harvard, World School Debate Championship (WSDC), etc.  Therefore, particularly for the U.S. college bound students, this is a huge advantage, as U.S. universities recognize these tournaments with the highest regard.

3. ADL helps manage students’ NSDA points which are convertible to NSDA Degrees. For example, just as in Boys/Girls Scouts, a different badge of honor is earned based on the level of students’ participation, a varying certificates of membership degrees are issued by the NSDA based on the level of students’ speech and debate participation.

4. ADL helps students receive NSDA Certificates of Honor to validate extracurricular accomplishments; the certificates prove the awardee’s passion, dedication, persistence, and success in one activity, ultimately giving a tremendous boost in college admissions worldwide.

5. ADL helps coaches receive one-tenth of their students’ points, and upon accumulation of 25 points and beyond, awards them with Certificates of Honor with varying degrees.

Study about the importance of attending national tournaments –  https://millennialsd.com/blog/2017/12/17/debate-more-academic-success-and-university-admissions/

Yale professor’s article about how debate increases admissions to top universities – College Admissions and Debate.”

Bauschard’s article on how debate helps prep SAT – Debate is the Ultimate SAT Prep.”

NSDA Certifications for Students

When student’s points reach one level of accomplishment, a degree of membership is earned, and upon request, these certificates of NSDA degrees can be mailed to the student. Here are some samples:

HS CertificateMS Certificate

NSDA Degree Chart for Students

Following is the structure of degrees of membership, along with the value each contributes to a school’s strength as an NSDA chapter.
Degree of Membership Points Seal Description Chapter Strength Value
Base level of membership (certificate) 0-9 pts. – None – 1
Degree of Participation (first seal) 10 pts. Orange on White 2
Degree of Recognition 50 pts. Yellow on White 3
Degree of Accomplishment 100 pts. Green on White 4
Degree of Achievement 200 pts. Black on Silver 5
Degree of Outstanding Achievement 400 pts. Silver on Black 6
Degree of Distinguished Achievement 650 pts. Red on Silver 7
Degree of Superior Achievement 1000 pts. Blue on Gold 8

NSDA Degree Chart for Coaches

A coach’s total degrees determines number of entries it is allotted for the district tournament, as well as votes in NSDA district committee and national board elections.

Degree Points Strength° Certificate Seal Gem
Non-member ≤25 0 None None
Merit 25 1 Gray on White None
Honor 75 2 Bronze Emerald
Excellence 150 3 Silver on White Blue Sapphire
Distinction 250 4 Metallic Gold on Gold Ruby
Special Distinction 500 5 Silver on Pink Double Ruby
Superior Distinction 750 6 Silver on Blue Triple Ruby
Outstanding Distinction 1,000 7 Silver on Violet Quadruple Ruby
Premier Distinction 1,500 8 Silver on Black Quintuple Ruby
First Diamond°° 1,500 8 1 Diamond
Second Diamond°° 3,000 9 2 Diamonds
Third Diamond°° 6,000 10 3 Diamonds
Fourth Diamond°° 10,000 11 4 Diamonds
Fifth Diamond°° 13,000 12 5 Diamonds
Sixth Diamond°° 16,000 13 6 Diamonds
Seventh Diamond°° 19,000 14 7 Diamonds
Eighth Diamond°° 21,000 15 8 Diamonds
Ninth Diamond°° 24,000 16 9 Diamonds
Tenth Diamond°° 27,000 17 10 Diamonds

° Refers to the value of degrees for computing chapter strength.
°° A coach may earn her/his first diamond only after five full years have passed from that coach’s merit date; five years must pass between the award date for each diamond.



Author: Jessie Chen

I am a former high school English teacher in the U.S. I am intrigued by all things worthy of my mental faculty.

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