His Mom Believes ADL Courses Helped Anthony Pass ESL.

8th Grade going on 9th TAS Student Huang got 2150 on SAT Because of Debate Training

I entered Taipei American School in 6th grade as an ESL student, who could barely speak English fluently. In 7th grade, my sister’s friend asked me to join Taipei Debate Academy (also known as Asian Debate League). While learning policy debate, I was forced to read hundreds of articles and highlight the important sentences within an article. Through the highlighting process, I learned how to grasp the main idea of a story instantly. This skill is extremely important while taking a SAT exam, especially the critical reading section, because of the limited amount of time. In the SAT summer camp in ADL in 2013, I took the SAT for the very first time, which I received a score less than 1000 points (out of 2400). Through the 4 weeks and 5 mock exams, my grade increased to 2150 points, which was a large improvement as a current freshman. In my opinion, debate truly helped my SAT grades because of the skills, mentioned above, learned through the debate process.

dsc03664His Mom Believes ADL Courses Helped Anthony Pass ESL.

On December 15, 2012, Virginia Shao came to ADL in the afternoon to thank us and share the good news! Her 5th grade son, Anthony Hsu, has passed the Taipei American School ESL exam with the highest possible score of “6″ on all subject areas. This means Anthony will be placed in a regular 5th grade English track as of next semester, and Virginia believes it is because her son has been taking classes at ADL. Anthony’s first class was “Root Words”; this class helped him enlarge his vocabulary repertoire by listening to JC’s recordings every morning and playing instructional games in class with his peers. Anthony is now simultaneously taking two classes – ”News Presentation” (pre-debate in order to broaden his geopolitical knowledge and presentation skills through current news) and “Kids Book Writing” (a beginners’ writing class in order to polish up his writing techniques while memorizing thousands of adjectives for academic purposes).

Thank you, Viginia, for sharing the good news with us, and Kudos to Anthony for obtaining the perfect scores in all subjects!

Author: Jessie Chen

I am a former high school English teacher in the U.S. I am intrigued by all things worthy of my mental faculty.

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